April 17, 2024

How do muscles get bigger is important to anyone lifting weights or playing sports. Getting bigger muscles is the top priority of anyone working out with weights.

Lets look at how your muscles get bigger and then you can figure out what it will take for you to increase your muscle gains. If you have ever wondered how to grow bigger muscles, then I hope this will answer your questions.

Muscle Hypertrophy – The Growing of Muscle Cells

how do muscles get biggerMuscle hypertrophy is when your muscles cells get thicker. You muscle cells will thicken but not lengthen and it is still up in the air as to whether your muscles cell will actually split or divide to get larger.

The best way to cause muscle hypertrophy is to put pressure on your muscles so that they expect to need to push more .

Another form of muscle building is Muscle Hyperplasia and this is the actual splitting of muscle cells.

Anyone that has seen a giant bodybuilder has to wonder if we all have the same number of cells

Resistance Training

build muscleResistance training is simply lifting weights. This is really how do muscles get bigger. It is just about that simple.

What you really want is to make yourself stronger by making your body more able to handle heavier and heavier weight for at least four reps.

Power lifters as you have probably seen in the Olympics are not the biggest guys and that is because their goal is to lift the most for exactly one rep.

To fool your muscles into thinking that they have to be able to lift more they will need to do a few reps at the higher weight. Your body will then get used to this higher weight by increasing the strength of the individual muscle cells

How BIG Should Your Workout Be?

There are many strategies to get stronger and the idea behind all of these strategies is to be able to lift more for a few reps a month from now then your are doing now.

You have a few options to alter over time in the gym and they are these

  • Number of reps per set
  • Number of sets per exercise
  • Number of exercises per muscle group
  • Amount of rest between workouts

All of these parameters are a little too much to cover in this article so I will cover them later,  but for now just think about how you are structuring your workouts and frequency of workouts.

How do muscles get bigger

I hope that this info helps you understand how do muscles get bigger and better at working out always, if you have any questions then you can of course leave comments here as well.

52 thoughts on “How Do Muscles Get Bigger?

  1. True buddy! I want to add something to it. There are 3 factors to build your body- training, nutrition and sleep. A minimum 8 hours sleep is a must. You must go in for a protein rich diet. Go for means, nuts, almonds, milk etc to give what your body needs. The training has been explained well. So all you body building aspirants out there, go and get that fab body you have always dreamt of. Though I can’t workout now as I am in a Chiropractic health center as I slipped doing lifting and have hurt my back terribly but will keep guiding you guys as and when needed. Chao!

  2. It’s really all about eatting right and recovery. And recovery is KEY to building ur muscle bigger.

    1. You shouldn’t workout everyday If u r trying to get big your body and mucsle need time to heal and recover you can workout all u want but I ur not giving ur body time to recover then there is no point but to get stronger by workin out everyday

  3. hey… i’m 19 this year… i been working out for about 3 years… but yes, my muscle has grown, but just a little… i’ve been doing my workouts 3 to 4 times a week… and each time i workout for one hour… so any suggestion to make my muscle grow faster?

    1. you need to continually up your calories, the bigger you get the more fuel your muscles need, try adding 300 to 500 calories a day and shorten your workouts to maximum of 45mins after 45 minutes of intense lifting your body goes into a catabolic state which can burn muscle and hamper your progress and try to avoid cardio when your bulking as this will burn more calories too make sure you have plenty of protein and carbs before and after your trainig as these are the most important meals of the day for bodybuilders good luck bro.

      1. thanks mate… could you tell me how to lose tummy fats? my upper body looks ok… but my waist OMG! layers of tummy fats…

  4. Hi,

    I’m 18, 6’2 and 14.5 stone. I have been going to the gym for around 6 months now doing biceps one day, triceps the next and chest the next and this routine just circles for around roughly an hour each session.. I have been getting stronger but not bigger.. My muscles seem to be the exact same size as to where I started apart from when I am tensing or actually using my muscles to their limits.. Can anyone give me some helpful advice on how i can get bigger? Any diets or supplements I should be doing as I seem to be hitting a brick wall :/

    1. Del,
      You need a better routing working out all the major muscles, and the you will see results.
      Try this:
      One day biceps & back
      Next day Chest & Triceps
      Next shoulders/abs/legs
      One day off
      This is my routine and it has showed tremendous results.

      Another thing is you need to increase your reps and sets. For example, I do 5-6 chest work outs with a minimum 3-4 sets per work out(10 reps each) Triceps I do 4 workouts with a minimum of 4 sets(10 reps each).
      Biceps I do 5 work outs with 4 sets each(10 reps). Back I only do 3 work outs 3 sets per work out 10 reps each.
      Shoulders/abs/legs/ vary, but usually its a minimum of 3 workouts for each with a minimum of 3 sets(10 reps each)

      Also, protein powder will help you out. When I started using Muscle Milk, it showed results within a few weeks.

      Hope this helps

      1. Where can I find (Muscle Milk), may you tell any brand and name of product recommend? Thank you

    2. hey del,
      try doing 3 full body workouts for mass a week doing compound exercises, example
      3 sets each for
      1. bench press or dumbell incline 2. pullup or barbell row. 3 deadlift .4 squat or lunge and then 1 set for triceps and biceps ie close grip bench, tricep extension, barbell curls, hammer curls these will work all the muscles in your body three times a week which is great for beginners and hardgainers ive had great results the chest one day back another is more for people who have been working out for years make sure you have plenty of protein before and after your workout and a simple form of carb ie white bread sports drink i guarantee you will see great gains good luck.

  5. hello animals well some of us are animals others will be animals you want to get big get in the gym and when i say get in the gym i dont mean go and lift some dumbells get a drink of water then go hit some curls on the curl bar and get some water then look at yourself in the mirror then go get some water then talk to you buddy then get some water then do a few more sets and get some water and then you go run on the treadmill to get sweaty and go home that was a workout for women

    a workout for men is go big go small then go home thats what i do start my workout with extreme s to where you are going to failure in the first 4 reps while maintaining good form after doing eight exercises on whichever mucsles you incorporated in your workout that day. then you will go to smaller s with more reps in 10 to 15 range going to failure as well doing this you will see the gains with the tone all in one package just be careful while doing this can lead to injury that is why you always start with big s first be sure you are stretching properly to loosen up all those tight muscles you have been working so hard stretching will also give you gains by ripping your muscle tissue before you start your workou good luck.

  6. The #1 thing eat your ass off ive been lifting for 2years Im 6ft tall When I first started I was 6ft 170 pounds now im 220 I set an alarm for every 2 in a half hours to eat i eat 6 meals a day 8000 cals 800 carbs 300 protein ooh and if your wanting strength alota red meat will shock you how much stronger it makes you Squat Deadlift bench incorporate it in your workout eat big and grow no matter what build you are.

    1. this one is the best im airan bordeliu im champion in albania i have 97 kg tall 1.84 i was training 2 years but nothing than i started eating like animal 5 times a day 4 milk shakes only whey protein now i do 4 years im great its not just work out ,work out is 20 percent 80 percent is food what you eat . good luck gladiators keep training.

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