March 5, 2024

It is barbequing season, well yes I kn ow it is always a good time for a bbq but tonight while eating I was thinking about the giant steaks that we get everytime I order from a restaurant in the US.

The fact is that steak is hard for your body to digest and the more steak you eat at one sitting the harder it is to get that digested and through the whole digestive tract.

I love steak probably as much as anyone but the best thing that you can do is to eat half of your steak with dinner and then a couple or three hours later have the other half of the steak. I know that steak does not warm well and is not nearly as good the second time around but think about how you felt after an hour or so after having a really big steak and the big pit in your stomach. If your were to have half and the potato and veggies and then just had a half steak snack later your body would really thank you for it.

One more thing that I think that I may have mentioned here before is that your body can only process 30 or so grams of protein per meal so this is yet another reason. Your body is only going to use about four or five ounces of the steak anyway and with the cost of steak you may as well get what you pay for instead of leaving it behind in the morning.

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