May 24, 2024

I love all these 12 tips. So often in life we are trying to make sure that we please everyone else as well as trying to make sure that we control everything around us.

I can tell you from personal experience that you have to let go sometimes and just let things happen.

I was watching a video today that featured Robert Greene, the author of 48 Rules of Power and in the video Robert says that most of the time life and circumstances control of something like 95% of our decisions, time, and control. So we need to take advantage of that last 5% that we control and try to push it up to 7%, 8% or even more.

Every day we are given challenges to overcome. We have control over many of these.

Also everyday we have many many decisions to make. Some of these decisions are conscious, like what are we going to eat for breakfast. Other decisions are unconscious – like how to avoid responsibility, hardship or pain. We tend to take the easy way out in these decisions but sometimes we have to face that fear head on.

So tomorrow, remember, anytime you encounter anyone else remember to smile, to put yourself in their shoes, to laugh, to help, and most of all to be kind. We all know that what comes around will be based on how we treat others.

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