April 21, 2024

It’s funny in a way that we live in a society that builds idols to try and live up to and then we rip them down with the first opportunity. And since we all like to see a comeback, we often cheer these people on to overcome.

The point that I think is important is that we have to see our strengths and weaknesses as our own. We must build ourselves up to be the greatest “Ourselves” possible.

Always Have Faith in Yourself

When I say this I don’t mean that we shouldn’t look out for mentors and people to learn from, that is always critical with any change or path that we want to go on. These people though are only great for a message, for motivation, and for a guide.

It is important never to try and become someone else. Just learn from others and then circle back to our own strengths, gifts, and weaknesses to improve ourselves in our own way
Always Have Faith In Yourself

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