April 25, 2024

The most important thing you need for building muscle mass is to be consistent. There is no getting around this: if you do not plan your training and do it at the right times, you will not be able to build muscle mass half so effectively.

Of course that does not mean training 24/7. Rest and recovery is vital: the muscles must have a chance to grow and build between gym sessions. However, you do need to decide how many days you will train and what you will do during each session.

Overtraining Will Stop Building Muscle Mass

Building Muscle Mass
Building Muscle Mass

If your bodybuilding workout sessions are too frequent, you will simply be frustrated by not seeing results and building muscle mass. That is, unless you are very careful in planning which muscle groups you will work each time. If you truly want to train every day then it is possible to figure out something that will work: you would just need to work on fewer muscles in each session.

But there is another risk with working out too often and that is what happens when you cannot get to the gym for some reason. Maybe you go on vacation or you take a few days sick. It can be very difficult to get back into a seven day a week routine after a break. Training four or five days is easier to pick up again, at least for most people.

Four days could be enough for a beginner. In that case you could hit each muscle group once a week, or a maximum of twice. You would not end up with an elaborate bodybuilding workout routine but that can be all the better. Simple is often best when it comes to any kind of fitness or bodybuilding routine.

Keep in mind that bodybuilding has different requirements from strength training. While both bodybuilders and strength trainers can lift more than the average guy on the street, the strength trainer will be more concerned with numbers and the bodybuilder more concerned with muscle size and appearance.

Building Muscle Mass Tips

  1. Make sure to complety work the muscle
  2. Mix up your excercises
  3. Change up your number of reps per set often.
  4. Eat a protein rich meal right after your workout. Preferably a protein drink.

Building Muscle Mass Expectations

You need to be clear about your goals because there are differences in how you train. For a bodybuilding workout you are going to be doing more reps with shorter breaks between series.

Do not compare yourself with others. This is almost never a useful thing to do in life. Track your own progress of course but only look at how far you have come, do not look at how much better or worse you are doing than some other guy at the gym. Especially, if you are bodybuilding, do not get hung up on how much you are lifting. That is not the important question, as we said above.

Anytime that you cannot make it to the gym, have some backup exercises that you can do at home. Pushups, squats, chair dips, crunches and similar floor exercises are very easy to do at home. It is a good idea to have dumbbells in the house and maybe a barbell if you have the space.

When you are following a bodybuilding workout at home, remember that it is still important to plan your routine as well as finding ways to mix up your exercises, and not to overtrain any muscle group so that you can continue building muscle mass.

3 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Workout For Building Muscle Mass

  1. Nice post here. Back in 2004, I experienced a burnout phase. Since I have access to a gym at my job, I got to the point where I was working out 2 hours before my shift started and I also worked out during breaks. I was hooked. The feeling I got after my workouts was a good felling I can’t explain. The problem was that I was overdoing it. It took me about 2 years to actually see that I was overexerting myself, but when it hit me, it hit me hard!! After my burnout, I had no motivation to go back to the gym for almost 2 years. I was doing about 30 minutes of cardio plus 1 and a half of s a day.

    I still workout now, but I try to only workout a max time of 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. I’ve dropped my cardio down to about a total of 1 hour a week also.

    Also, when I can’t hit the gym, I’ll hit the floor and go for 1 set of 100 pushups or I’ll get 2 chairs to together and do about 2 sets of 30 dips. If I can find something to hang on to, I’ll go for about 25 pullups. I recently dis this on my family trip to Orlando Florida.

    My advice to anyone out there. List to your body! It won’t lie to you.

    Sean Grimes

  2. Thanks for the information,just found this post my technorati news feed section! I was searching for this since past 3 months and i am glad to see it here. Thanking you much

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