May 24, 2024

Building muscle mass is quite a difficult task. However, if you have the right guidance it wont be difficult for you to so. You have to strike the right balance of the intensity of your workout, diet and rest; only then you will be able to gain muscle mass as per your requirements. How do you do that? With a great muscle building combination. Go through the information mentioned below:

Intensity of Exercise

It is not a very complicated process to build muscle mass with a great muscle building combination. In terms of your exercise routine, the intensity of your workout is much more important than the volume of exercise you do. You don’t want to lose or gain , your goal is to increase the muscle mass of your body and for this purpose the intensity of your workout must be monitored. This goes on to day that you must train hard and short.

This means that your workout must be comprised of more heavy weights, less repetitions, shorter workouts, less number of sets and more rest. This is the most ideal workout regime for you if you would like to build muscle mass. There have been cases where guys have build phenomenal muscle mass by working out for just 2-3 days per week with exercises like squats, bench press and rows. The right intensity of your workout gives the right results.

Diet and how to eat

This is another essential factor to be taken into consideration. First of all, you have to make sure that your fat intake does not reduce below 30% of your daily calories intake. This fat is required by your body so there is no harm in having it. You must also start consuming a protein powder supplement. Protein is the most important factor required for building muscle mass and you won’t get sufficient quantities of protein through your diet. You must consume 5-6 small meals in a day. This will keep your metabolism working and it will be easy for you to gain muscles in this way.

Remember that this fat combo is mostly for that muscle gaining process not for when you are dieting down and need a fast metabolism but not all the fat.

Resting and Relaxation

The last part of the muscle building combination is to make sure to take a good rest,  so you will stand a better chance to build muscles. You have to make sure to give an adequate amount of rest to your body. This goes on to say that you must sleep for at least 9 hours a day. Stick to this and make it your daily routine. Fix a particular time for sleeping and make sure that you adhere it everyday.

If you carry out the Muscle Building Combination mentioned above with consistent efforts, you will start building muscle mass within a very less time.

Do YOU know the exact way of building rock-hard, ripped and shredded body? If No! Not to worry. On next page, I have had shared a Complete Body Building Guide by which you can easily build a body of your dream without supplement, without spending every day in GYM and in very less time.

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