April 12, 2024

I have been meaning to start off a series of articles on the best exercises for each bodypart and a bit of a write up on each muscle group but I just found a great page with little animations of 70 core exercises

70 Core Exercises with descriptions

As you are probably aware the core of your body, your midsection has a lot of muscles. You use core muscles for bending over, getting up, standing, walking leaning to either side. an a host of other ways as well.

I have hurt my back a couple of times including once really badly earlier this year, (and a better way to warmup) and I am sure you know as well how hard it is to suffer along with a bad back or sides or abs.

So check out the exercises. They may help a bit with loss, they will definitley help your posture and how large you look and these exercises are critical for getting you in better physical condition

1 thought on “Lots of core exercises

  1. That’s a great little resource with all of those exercise animated gifs. I’ll definitely be sending a few people there.

    You’re spot on about core training too. I have a friend with TERRIBLE core strength who has problems with their back as a result. That then turns into problems with their elbows according to their osteopath!! Then when they stick to a workout and cardio plan, all of the problems miraculously go away!

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