February 28, 2024

When you think of cardio, can you tell me what is the first thing that comes to mind? While I cannot read your mind, I would bet it has to be something among treadmill, exercise bikes or ellipticals. If you think that you cannot do cardios without the help of shiny fitness equipments or expensive exercise gadgets then you are terribly wrong. In this article I will tell you how to indulge in cardio workouts without the help of any equipment at all.

What are Body Calisthenics

Remember that for doing cardio, all you need is a strong desire to become fit, as well as concentrate on doing full body workouts. Have you heard of body calisthenics? In case you haven’t, it consists of combining strength training workouts with high-speed calisthenics exercises. With the dual combo of high and low intensity workouts, your heartbeat is bound to increase.

What more, such a workout regimen also increases your lung endurance. And as you might have already guessed, you don’t need the help of flashy fitness equipments to get this done.

Doing cardio without equipment: Remember I told you could do cardios without the help of any third party equipment? All you need to do is to pick up any three cardio workouts, then do ten repetitions of each one of them in circuit, with NO resting period in between those reps. After this, you can do about 30 second of jumping jack exercise. Repeat this workout routine for the next ten minutes. You would be surprised to see how easy it is to indulge yourself in full body workouts without spending a lot of time or money in the process.

Doing cardio with equipment: If you have already stocked a few fitness equipments in your home such as treadmills or exercise bikes, there is no reason to keep them idle. You can do body calisthenics with those equipments as well. Take exercise bikes for example. Normally, you would probably be riding the bike for say, about 20-30 minuets at a stretch. However, in this case, even though you would ride the bike for that same amount of time, you won’t be riding at a stretch.

After every five minutes or so you would jump off your exercise bike and do a circuit of body calisthenics workouts like I described above. This not only makes your otherwise boring cardio routine much more interesting and exciting but also helps you get a full body workout in the shortest span of time.

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