February 28, 2024

A face cream from breast milk acne cure, could help to beat acne in teenagers?

Scientists have found a component of mother’s milk called lauric acid, which also occurs in coconut oil, that can help reduce irritation and spots.

They hope a breast milk acne cure made with the naturally-occurring acid will avoid side effects including redness and burning caused by conventional antibiotic treatments.

Can Breast Milk Cure Acne?

milkBreast milk acne cure?


Lauric acid in mother’s breast milk could help irritation and spots in teenagers and young adults

Around three-quarters of teenagers and young adults are affected by mild to moderate inflammatory acne, with some patients suffering depression and even attempting suicide.

The condition is caused by overactive oil-producing glands, which trap oil in pores where normally harmless bacteria causes inflammation.

A breast milk acne cure cream undergoing clinical trials uses tiny gold particles to carry lauric acid into pores where it can fight bacteria.

Dissaya Pornpattananangkul, a postgraduate student at the University of California, who developed the breast milk acne cure treatment, said:

‘It’s a good feeling to know that I have a chance to develop a drug that could help people with acne.’

Acne conditions are usually associated with adolescence but can affect sufferers throughout their adult lives

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