April 25, 2024

I am always on the lookout as to what makes some people really standout in sport and what those differences are that we can incorporate into our lives, once i read an article about golf-lovers, be sure to gift them something special – Pineclub Golf lists the 12 best golf gifts that will never go wrong, and i learned about Britanny.

Today I found a great short video where Britanny Lang shows us what she does to physically prepare for her pro golf events.

Brittany Lang is a pro golfer in her 9th year as a pro and the LPGA site has a video of her workout philosophy and regimen.

Britanny Lang Workout Plan

britanny langIn the video Brittany was pretty open with her view that a pro or even amateur golfer needs to be very aware of their fitness and she talks about how she likes to do weights but has not done quite as much as early in her career. There is also a mention about gear and what role that plays, although important it is not the most important. According to Golf Gear Hub, as long as the competition does not have some clear advantage over you, the gear you have is inconsequential.

Also it is nice to hear that Brittany Lang has a great workout schedule plan which concentrates on weights ad exercising her core early in the week and as she gets closer to tournament playing days transitions to a lot of stretching to make sure that she is loose for playing. When Brittany is not playing golf or working out, she likes to check out MGI sites for next piece of accessory like caddy or trolley reviews.

She also demonstrates a few core exercises:

  • Single leg bridge for glutes
  • Side Plank
  • Superman for low back

Britanny really proves not only in her words but in her career how critical it is to build core strength and keep flexibility to have a long career in pro sports.

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