December 2, 2023
I was searching through the most popular fitness e-books a little while ago and ran into a book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle that seemed to be getting a lot of hype from others as the single best fitness book available.

burn the fat feed the muscleI was searching through the most popular fitness e-books a little while ago and ran into a book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle that seemed to be getting a lot of hype from others as the single best fitness book available.

A book by a natural bodybuilder was going to show people how to lose and actually gain muscle while losing ?

Is Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle  the best fitness book out there? I had to see this book myself and decided to give it a review.

Burn the fat feed the muscle is an e-book that has been created by bodybuilding champion Tom Venuto that attempts to teach people all aspects of losing while gaining muscle. Many people have called Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle the greatest single best fitness book ever put together and with that kind of hype I wanted to go through chapter by chapter to see if this book really lives up to it’s reputation.

What does Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle include?

The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle sales letter lists six bonuses which total about another 100 pages of information that I would rather not cover as they are bonuses and not the book itself. I would like to say though that these bonus books are a fantastic addition as they do a deep dive into some of the things that are truly important that no one seems to cover.

Just be aware that the book has a complete diet listed within it and these books are supplemental reports dealing with the burning questions that many people have and that is mainly: Why do certain foods make us fat and other foods do not?

burn the fat feed the muscle

Burn the fat feed the muscle book setup

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle weighs in at an impressive 340 pages. The book is really solid and has not a single picture although there are some tables of information so there is a lot of reading to do. You can still print up the book but just as any other book on the internet you are going to have to either read the book on your computer or get it printed up.

I will not review each chapter individually but instead would like to go through an overview of the sections of the book as well as list some points that the author raises.

Introduction -Tom Venuto stresses the importance of some principles such as no quick fixes, loss is not the same as fat loss and that the book is not even just about fat loss but more about making people healthier.

Goal setting, strategies and motivation –As we all know goal setting is very important to reaching what you want with your health and although I have written extensively about this subject in the past Tom Venuto has done a fantastic job in burn the fat feed the muscle of really crystallizing the art of goal setting so that it will work much better for almost anyone.

burn the fat feed the muscleBody types, how to identify what you need – This is the first place in burn the fat feed the muscle where I like the way that Tom Venuto has really broken down how people have different body types. Almost every trainer I have ever seen thinks that every person’s body will react the same way with the same diet and exercise and this book stops that idea dead in its tracks.

Eating, Food, Liquids, and actual meal plans – In Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Tom Venuto covers a couple of very important points that are very often overlooked in most other books and those are proper intake of liquids and foods that you should eat. Tom Venuto uses about 20 pages to cover foods that you should and should not eat including replacements for some of the bad foods that you are already eating.

Supplements – Tom Venuto, in Burn the fat feed the muscle, and I are of essentially the same mind on the use of supplements and how this industry is very good at marketing many overpriced products with very little benefits to almost any user unless they are in a very sickly state. Let’s face it, in North America our prosperity has not lead most people to under eat so the supplementation is not the most important thing.

tom venutoHowever, Tom Venuto has included information on the most important supplements and I was a little surprised but happy to see how straightforward he is about many of the supplements in the bodybuilding industry and the effect that magazines advertising has had on the objectiveness if those magazines.

Cardio training – We all know how important exercise is in losing and the diet that has been created in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is definitely geared toward having both cardio and training as an essential part of the package. I have never seen a diet that did not at least mention exercise but this book stresses it as very important part of the equation and many other diets would do their followers more justice by stressing a lot more exercise.

Weight training – What would you expect from a natural bodybuilding champion. Tom Venuto covers the exercises that you should do to gain strength and muscle as easily as possible and goes into a lot of detail with tactics that you have never seen before.

Burn the fat feed the muscle price and purchase information

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle sells on the website for $39.00. This price seems to be in line with most ebooks and is a very popular price. Prices for e-books seem to be artificially low probably because of the lack of a hard bound product and some people’s lack of confidence. In purchasing this book there is a secure page in which to make the purchase so credit card information can be trusted across the internet and a third party takes care of the transaction so that there is no one person that has access to your credit card number but instead only secure computer systems do the transaction.

burn the fat feed the muscle guaranteeAlso Tom Venuto offers the book for only $39.00 plus an eight week money back guarantee. I like the guarantee because if you were to buy this book and decided after a few weeks that it is not something you want to follow then you should really deserve to get a refund.

….Here is a personal review…..

So far I have lost 37 pounds following your “Burn The Fat” guidelines. I was a tight size 18 and am now a loose 12. I weighed 202 pounds and now weigh 165. I feel great and I don’t feel deprived at all. I have changed my lifestyle and am thrilled with the results on every level. I am currently re-evaluating my goals because I BELIEVE I can do more than I ever thought possible.
Nena Nerhan

I have to admit it – I am really impressed by Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

I was initially skeptical of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle as I have seen a hundred “Miracle Diets” come and go over the years and did not expect anything more, even from a competitive bodybuilder. I am now though pleasantly surprised and happy to have found this book.

The real rant that I always have with exercise books is that books tend to be fads that just cover one subject whether it is right or wrong and I have far to many of those books already. At least I know that in 10 years Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle will still be relevant because every page in it makes sense.

On the positive side this book is really packed with a lot of detail on how to eat, what to eat, cardio and training plans as well as a easy to read style that definitely does away with the hype and does a very good job of realistically training a person to think, eat and exercise right to drop the that the want and need to live a healthier lifestyle.

…..And her is one last personal review

“Hey Tom, I just wanted to let you know that today I got my body fat tested using the Jackson-Pollack formula for skinfold, and ended up hitting 4% bodyfat!!!!!!!! Thank you for your guidance in your Burn The Fat manual, I feel like I owe you far more than I paid for the book. During this whole process, I became an ACE certified personal trainer and I’ve been trying to pass on some of your thoughts and motivation to my clients. Thank you!”
Eric Spring
Melville, NY

In an industry that is full of fads, quick fixes and hype, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, although relying on hype in its sales letter definitely does not fall into this trap in its content. I think that this book just may be the best fitness book around. I highly recommend this book for people that are just starting to improve their health as well as to people that have a last few stubborn pounds to lose.

burn the fat feed the muscle

I feel strongly enough about this book that as a bonus I am offering you four free e-books if you purchase Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle though a link on this page.

The e-books are:

  • -101 Diet Tips (A great addition to everything else you will learn here)
  • -Skyrocket Fat Loss (A Tom Venuto Interview that spans 41 pages)
  • -Training and Nutrition Secrets (65 pages of secrets that almost no one knows)
  • -Losing without starving yourself (61 pages about…well I guess the title says it all)

After you have purchased Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle just email me at bill @ nadraszky . com (just click the link) and I will forward the books to you.

I am sure you are really going to enjoy Burn the fat Feed the Muscle and please let me know how you liked it in the comments below

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  1. The general point are very good, however talking about “for different body types” is kinda a point of discussion. Different body types are based on genetics and endocrine system, however the fat burning process is a uniform issue (unless the case of unbalanced hormone system). Also supplements, unless if they are natural like minerals and vitamins, does not make much good on a long run. I always managed to control my any time when I was not lazy to exercise and dropped the junk food. I think these two are the real make or break points. Of course for bodybuilding one needs some extra twists.

  2. Great review!

    I enjoy your site there’s so much quality content here. Keep up the great work you do for the industry!

    Warm Regards,

    1. Jim, Once the 49 days are up, do you still unlimited access to the inner circle or tom venuto ?
      Thanks , Vargus

  3. excellent review.
    tempted to buy, I’ve been doing a boxfit centered program at a club, working out 6 days a week. working, some, but starting to want to diversify, just not sure about trying s without a trainer again. annoyed my shoulder joint last time~~
    anyway, thanks for taking the time to offer the info!

  4. hi i am mother of 2 kids my height is almost 5.7 and w8 is 78 kg my lower abdomen like thighs and hips side is heavy i think my bonicalstructure is heavy guide me to lose w8


  6. Elaine,

    I would be happy to give you some advice that will help you! I don’t know how much exercising that you are able to do? Try to eat healthy meals every couple of hours – this will keep your metabolism high and you will start to lose .

    Exercise at your own pace, because this will also aid you in your lose goals. I have a sample diet plan that shows you the kinds of foods that you should be eating.

    Elaine let me know if this helps you!

    Patrick Kallie
    Ab Exercises That Work

  7. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to purchase this book, especially since $39 out of my budget right now is a lot of money for me….I am 62, years old, am 5’6″ and currently weigh 134 pounds. I’m not unhappy with my but I hate that I”m not fitting comfortably in my clothes, especially jeans etc, because of a pouch belly and hips. That seems to be where I have a problem. I don’t want to really lose but I would love to have clothes that I”m comfortable. in. People always tell me that I don’t look my age so I can imagine if I was in a little better shape, so to speak, they’d probably drop their jaws…….I really need some guidance as far as willpower and how to handle it, and would love to hear from others in the same situation. Do I, or should I not, spend this money? I can almost justify it if it was a book that I could actually sit down and open to read, but I”m not sure about this ebook thing. I’m not one to get on a computer and read much. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks so much!!

  8. Maybe you could change the page name title Burn the fat feed the muscle – Complete Review of Burn The Fat Feed the Muscle to something more generic for your subject you make. I liked the post nevertheless.

  9. Absolutely stunning review. You have given a great deal of suggestion and solution guides to get rid of the nasty fat problem. I am sending your link to my friend who really needs the guides you have mentioned. Thank you.

  10. Great Review.

    I just wanted to add my thoughts! I have been following a very similar training program for a while. Too many people avoid strength training when trying to burn fat. Don’t be afraid on building huge muscles, you won’t! include training in your routine to really increase your chances of Fat Loss.

  11. I can relate to your post as I had a similar thing happen to me . i tried many ways but failed but this one looks like it gonna work for this time. great way of loosing a Weight and obtain healthier body

  12. Tom is great coach that i have seen, he give inside tips in the book and i lost 5KG in 35 days following his tips!!!

    Thanks TOM for his great advice!


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