March 5, 2024

You can slow down aging but it can’t be stopped in its tracks or slammed into reverse gear but it can be tricked into slowing down. So what can you do right now and in the future to live longer and look good while you’re doing it?

There are some obvious tricks to slowing down Old Father Time and some that are a little more obscure, but your attitude is just as important as the actual methods themselves. Some people have a very positive outlook on life, always get things done and get going when things get tough. Others let life and circumstances dictate their lives and are likely to age much more quickly.

Let’s have a look at some of the important ways in which you can, starting today, start holding back the aging process. Clearly the order in which these appear will have a different impact depending on your priorities. Let’s start with the killer?

How Can You Slow Down Aging?

Smoking – This is definitely a no-no. Smoking not only makes you look older by adding wrinkles to your face, it has a huge impact on your health and longevity.

A Healthy Diet – Eating in moderation will keep you much more fit and able to do the other things which will keep you younger-looking and with a younger outlook on life.

How to Slow down Aging
How to Slow down Aging

Exercise – My biggest key to slow down aging is exercise. If you exercise on a regular basis it can keep you younger looking for many more years than being a couch potato. Being active and occupied is clearly a major factor in defying the aging process since you’ll be more fit and less susceptible to illness and disease which can strike people down before they’ve lived their lives fully.

Drinking Alcohol – Imbibing, which may be an enjoyable pursuit, should be tempered with moderation. Too much alcohol ages appearance and may even have an effect on the brain.

Cutting Down/Out Fast Food – It puts on real fast, and a gym membership isn’t always the answer if you are too tired to attend the classes!

Cultivating Friendships – Being social shouldn’t be ignored as this life activity keeps you active and feeling younger. Friends get you outside of yourself and remind you to laugh… which also makes you feel and look younger.

Supplements – Do your research and find out which supplements are best for you. Vitamin E and Vitamin B are two thought to be very beneficial in slowing down body and mind aging problems.

Dealing with Stress – Too much stress is known to make people look older than they are, and have negative affects on the body too. Learn how to de-stress as much as you can and try not to get into situations that will stress you in the first place.

Drinking Water  – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea? but water is really good for you. And while you’re upping your water intake, cut back on the coffee and sodas.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips to slow down aging and use common sense to not only stay younger-looking but feel younger as well.

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