February 28, 2024

Cardio is one of the big three in the game of changing your body, the way I look at it there is diet, cardio, and weights.

The diet is self-explanatory, the cardio is to burn calories before and after the cardio workout and weights are to create more muscle which automatically needs more calories just to maintain.

I will try in the future to add info on individual types of cardio training but for now just want to outline how, when and what kind of exercise counts.

How To Do Extra Unexpected Cardio

Firstly any time that you do 20 minutes or more exercise that does not hurt your muscles I consider it a cardio workout so examples would be biking, walking, running or even sports such as Tennis or Golf or Ballroom dancing. Personally, I love to play badminton, not only¬† because it’s a really good sport for cardio, but I also enjoy playing it and I never get tired of it.

I try to make sure that I do some kind of cardio every day just to get my blood flowing and to get away from other distractions such as TV or computers.

Another important thing to try to do is to change up your cardio from day to day just for variety more than anything.bicycling

The best time to get a cardio workout is in the morning.

I myself ride a bike to work 25 minutes each way in the morning and afternoon and I think of this as a double whammy for one extra reason here.

One of the main reasons that I like this is that when you have a workout of any kind in the morning it will raise your metabolism for 12 hours afterward, now most of the calories that you burn would likely be during the workout but I know that I feel better for hours after my ride compared to a non riding day.

Here is a breakdown of the calories consumed during some activity; it is OK to just compare them more than trying at this point to deduct them from your caloric intake per day.

Calories Burned Per Hour Per Body Weight

Activity (30 minutes)140 lbs.150 lbs.160 lbs.170 lbs.180 lbs.190 lbs.200 lbs.220 lbs.240 lbs.260 lbs.280 lbs.300 lbs.
Dancing (slow)7782889499105110121132143154165
Shopping for groceries849096102108114120132144156168180
Walking, 2 mph (30 min./mile)849096102108114120132144156168180
Canoeing, 2.5 mph98105112119126133140154168182196210
Golfing (with a cart)98105112119126133140154168182196210
Volleyball (leisurely)98105112119126133140154168182196210
Rowing (leisurely)105112120128135142150165180195210225
Washing the car105112120128135142150165180195210225
Window cleaning105112120128135142150165180195210225
Walking, 3 mph (20 min./mile)112120128136144152160176192208224240
Gardening, moderate126135144153162171180198216234252270
Ping Pong126135144153162171180198216234252270
Table Tennis126135144153162171180198216234252270
Dancing (noncontact)140150160170180190200220240260280300
Golfing (walking, w/o cart)140150160170180190200220240260280300
Walking, 4 mph (15 min./mile)140150160170180190200220240260280300
Waxing the car140150160170180190200220240260280300
Trimming hedges147158168178189199210231252273294315
Tennis (doubles)154165176187198209220242264286308330
Aerobic dancing (low impact)161172184195207218230253276299322345
Swimming (25 yards/minute)168180192204216228240264288312336360
Volleyball (game)168180192204216228240264288312336360
Bicycling, 10 mph (6 minutes/mile)175188200213225237250275300325350375
Weight training (90 sec. between sets)175188200213225237250275300325350375
Basketball (leisurely, nongame)182195208221234247260286312338364390
Snow skiing, downhill182195208221234247260286312338364390
Canoeing, 4.0 mph189202216230243257270297324351378405
Scrubbing the floor196210224238252266280308336364392420
Stair climbing196210224238252266280308336364392420
Aerobics step training, 4″ step (beginner)203218232247261276290319348377406435
Aerobics, slide training (basic)210225240255270285300330360390420450
Cross country snow skiing, leisurely217232248263279294310341372403434465
Hiking, no load217232248263279294310341372403434465
Stair climber machine224240256272288304320352384416448480
Backpacking with 10 lb. load252270288306324342360396432468504540
Hiking with a 10 lb. load252270288306324342360396432468504540
Rowing machine252270288306324342360396432468504540
Jogging, 5 mph (12 min./mile)259278296315333352370407444481518555
Scuba diving266285304323342361380418456494532570
Weight training (60 sec. between sets)266285304323342361380418456494532570
Snow shoveling273292312332351371390429468507546585
Backpacking with 20 lb. load280300320340360380400440480520560600
Bicycling, 13 mph (4.6 minutes/mile)280300320340360380400440480520560600
Hiking with a 20 lb. load280300320340360380400440480520560600
Cross country snow skiing, moderate308330352374396418440484528572616660
Basketball (game)308330352374396418440484528572616660
Swimming (50 yards/minute)315338360382405428450495540585630675
Jogging, 6 mph (10 min./mile)322345368391414437460506552598644690
Backpacking with 30 lb. load329352376399423446470517564611658705
Hiking with a 30 lb. load329352376399423446470517564611658705
Weight training (40 sec. between sets)357382408433459484510561612663714765
Skipping rope399428456484513541570627684741798855
Running, 08 mph (7.5 min./mile)427458488518549579610671732793854915
Cross country snow skiing, intense462495528561594627660726792858924990
Running, 09 mph (6.7 min./mile)462495528561594627660726792858924990
Running, 10 mph (6 min./mile)4905255605956306657007708409109801050

There are many ways to fit this cardio into your day and if the morning does not work, or you want to kick your body into high gear, then a cardio workout in the evening can be a great way to improve your health.

3 thoughts on “Cardio as Exercise And the Unexpected Benefits

  1. Very good article. My wife and I recently watched a show on the Discovery Channel and it talked about the body clock and the best times to perform certain functions, such as exercise. We found it interesting that almost every single world record set by professional athletes was set between 3 and 6 pm. This is the time the program said people tend to perform physical activities the best.

    I’ve also noticed that since I started doing my aerobic workouts in the morning and an anaerobic workout late in the day, I’ve increased lean muscle and stamina much more quickly.

    By the way, thank you for the chart on calories burned. I will help me in figuring out intake vs calories burned.

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