April 12, 2024

My wife, Michelle,  has been having a lot of stomach problems over the last few months and diarrhea very often. The problem tends to be in the afternoon with my wife having terrible stomach cramps most afternoons.

We have tried lots of stuff including trying probiotics in case it was a bacteria problem, blood tests, urine test, poo testing. Lots of tests and lots of questioning on both my wife and I on what could be causing these problems. We have looked all over her diet and exercise program thinking that this could be a milk allergy or gluten allergy but after taking these out we realized that my wife may have a problem with lactose in milk and other dairy products so she took all milk related products out of her diet, Gluten tests showed that was really not an issue.

So now we are getting ready for the next test. Tomorrow morning my wife is going in for a Colonoscopy to see if there is some kind of problem with her intestines, colon, or bladder. This is not a comfortable test to get ready for and probably not comfortable tomorrow either, we will see about that.

A Colonoscopy involves cleaning out your colon and lower intestines completely and then the doctor sticks a very thin tube with a camera on the end up your bum and looks around to see if there is anything wrong. In looking for info on YouTube I found a clean Colonoscopy exam, and an exam involving pin worms and even one with a really big worm. Yuck!

Getting Ready for a Colonoscopy

michelle and the kids
Michelle and the Kids

So the prep for the Colonoscopy started a few days ago. Michelle had to drop her daily aspirin (she takes this for blood clot issues she had a few years ago) on Thursday which was 5 days before and anti-inflammatory 3 days before. Now this weekend Michelle had to go to low fiber diet for three days and now today after breakfast no solid foods at all.

For the Colonoscopy tomorrow my wife has to have a completely clear colon so that the camera can see the walls of the colon very clearly and with no obstructions this means that Michelle needs to completely flush her colon for tomorrow morning. To clear the colon she had to take Ducolax pills on Saturday and Sunday nights and then today she needs to take Pico Salax twice tonight and drink 12-16 cups of water between 5pm and midnight. Right now the poor girl is alternating floating from all the water and sitting on the toilet.

I am looking forward to finding out tomorrow if we can get an answer to my wifes problems. She has never had any kind of stomach problems like this and we are both confused as it doesn’t make any sense to either of us. As I am sure you know from my posts here I find confidence within myself that I can find the answers to any health and fitness problems so this last few months have driven me crazy.

I will post tomorrow if we find out anything on this, or probably any news actually.

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