April 21, 2024

There are a few types of eczema that you can suffer from and knowing can affect the type of treatment that you use. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that affects millions of Americans.

Although each of these individuals is plagued with sensitive and easily irritated skin, there are different types of eczema. A few of the most common diagnoses made are outlined and briefly reviewed below.

Types of Eczema

Atopic Dermatitis – Atopic Dermatitis is the most common type of eczema.

Luckily, the condition is rarely constant. Instead, those who suffer from this type of eczema experience outbreaks or flare-ups. Trigger factors, which may include certain foods and chemical irritations, are the leading cause of atopic dermatitis.

Patients who determine their trigger factors and work to eliminate them tend to experience fewer and less severe flare-ups.

Types of Eczema
Types of Eczema

Contact Eczema – The first types of eczema is Contact Eczema.

Contact eczema is similar to atopic dermatitis, but it results in a localized reaction. A common cause of a contact eczema outbreak is direct skin contact with chemicals.

For example, some women may experience flare-ups on their risks, hands, or face after applying makeup, in these cases we suggest to find more hand eczema information online.

Although anyone can suffer from contact eczema, those with a history of allergies are more prone.

Seborrheic Eczema – Seborrheic eczema, like other forms of the condition, is an inflammation of the skin.

The skin is irritated. This eczema, however, is used to describe flare-ups and outbreaks that don’t have a cause.

Many areas of the body are targeted, but the face and scalp are most commonly affected. A common example of this type of eczema is cradle cap in babies and infants.

Nummular Eczema – Although relatively rare and uncommon, nummular eczema is another type of diagnosable eczema.

The most noticeable and distinguishable feature is patches of irritated skin that are coin shaped. It is a chronic condition. Allergies, family history of eczema, and asthma lead to an increased risk.

While anyone can have nummular eczema, it is most common in elderly males.

There are other types of eczema that men, women, and children suffer from. Although the names are different, the treatment options are usually the same.

Medical professionals recommend avoiding skin irritants, keeping the body well moisturized, and making the switch to all-natural products.

For an accurate diagnosis on what type of eczema you suffer from, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider.

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