May 24, 2024

On the weekend I had a problem of a burning sensation when I was peeing.

This is not something that I have ever had before and I was a little concerned about it.

This problem went on throughout Sunday and Monday and just like any guy I just hoped that it would go away, but it didn’t.

One of the pieces of folklore that I heard on Monday was that I should drink cranberry juice and if it was in fact some kind of infection then it would go away by itself with the help of the cranberry juice.

Finally yesterday I went to the clinic and had some tests done and found out that it seemed that I had just a low grade infection and the doctor told me to drink lots of water and cranberry juice!

Well I have drank almost four liters of cranberry juice and thankfully I seem to be better now.

One of the problems that I found in looking for Cranberry juice in the store is the crappy labeling of the products on the store shelves.

I have written about food labeling lies before and I found that a juice would be a Cranberry grape blend and when I looked at the ingredients there was more apple juice in the juice then there was either cranberry or grapes.

Look closely at the packaging and try to make sure that if you have a problem like this where you want to take advantage of the healing properties of cranberry juice that you do in fact make sure that you are getting the juice you are looking for instead of sugar and other cheaper juices.

1 thought on “Cranberry Juice for Urinary Tract Infections

  1. I have suffered by urinary tract infections and candida yeast infections since the birth of my last child, now 17. I have been prescribed different antidotes for the yeast infections. Obviously, my metabolism is prone to yeast infections. My diet has been changed and this did not work. Nystatin long term was effective and a prescription for the treatment of yeast is effective. However the culprit will creep back months later. A friend told me that cranberry juice is good to drink for yeast infections. Drink this regularly and urinary tract and yeast infections will be fewer or none at all.

    Please comment on this question for me. I await your much welcomed response.

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