May 25, 2024

Yesterday morning I got up and did just what Tony Robbins says, I rolled out of bed and fell into my workout clothes and just hit the road for a run.

I have been running a lot on treadmills since the spring and finally got the guts up to run on the road like I blogged about last week. I started stong for a few minutes until the dinner and movie from the night before caught up with me.

I was listening to Eminem, and Jackson Browne, and Pearl Jam and muttering under my breath

“Damn you Coke”

“Damn you pizza”

“Damn you chocolate bar and popcorn”

No matter how well you think that you eat you will notice the next day if you have eaten bad. I can walk around or have an easy workout the day after eating badly but if you eat badly then really push yourself the next day you will find your tank half empty before you start.

None of us can eat great all the time, well not me and maybe you anyway. I find that I can eat and sleep not very well for a few days and then I eventually will pay the price with a bad workout and then clean up my lifestyle again so that I can get back to great days and great workouts.

11 thoughts on “Damn You Coke

  1. Everyone has their triggers – something that is associated with good times, fun or love. Those are hard habits to break!

  2. haha! yeah, coke and pizza…the food of champions, right? i agree with your assessment: after a day with unhealthy eating, i can feel it! my name is kevin, and i work for icyou is a the source for health videos on the web. i came across your blog as a part of our outreach program, and i really can relate to what you are saying. here’s a link to a video that i think speaks to what you are saying:

    check out the site for your health concerns!

  3. maybe it was the music ! lol….we all need luxuries and be able to rebel otherwise life would be soooo boring

  4. sometimes we need that coke and chocolate bar to stress out.. but for sure to become healthier person we must block that food from our life.

  5. I like to go for a 10 mile bike ride at around 6:00 am and I agree that if I ate kind of lousy the night before I just kind of drag myself. Also, seems best if I don’t eat too late.

  6. Greetngs,

    I have had issues most of my life but those days are gone! I started taking colostrum from and a short work-out session.I can hardly believe the difference in my and muscle tone.This is without dieting!I have lost 30 pounds and feeling the best I have in years, this all in about 4 months.I don’t even have the cravings for pizza and coke anymore.Give it a try!
    Be well, debora

  7. My problem began at a very young age. Not a day would go by that I didn’t have to watch what I ate. I would watch my skinny friends eat anything they wanted and not gain . I was angry and jealous at the same time. There were times I didn’t care and just ate what I wanted. I paid the price for those days. Then there were days I watched what I ate and felt better about myself. During my lifetime I would diet for periods at a time and then I would go off my diet and eat whatever I felt like. This became a lifetime of rollercoaster dieting. I would lose then gain it back. I knew I had to do something about it, because I knew it was not healthy for me.
    My eating habits changed when I realized how bad I felt after eating unhealthy. I knew I had to come up with a plan and I was determined to get through it. Dieting can be hard to stick to. I knew I needed something to look forward too. I came up with the idea that once a week I would eat one meal that was not diet food. I put the plan in action and it started to work. I knew that I could have that one meal and not feel guilty about it. This helped me to lose the and keep it off. I kept the plan going throughout my life and I lost the I needed too, but I still had a problem when I would go in the grocery store. There were food items that were tempting and I wanted to buy them. I started to say to myself as I was picking up the items that I won’t buy this today; I will buy it next time I go grocery shopping. It did the trick. For all these years I have been telling myself that and I never bought those items. I know I will have to be on a diet for the rest of my life. I am glad I came up with a solution that helps me get through it. I know it’s not for everybody, but it has worked for me. I am much happier and thinner. I still look forward to my one meal a week. It’s what keeps me going. I still tell myself in the grocery store that I won’t buy this today; I will buy it next time.

  8. Yes, agreed! And it’s not only harder to get out of bed, but I usually feel stressed and sluggish all day. I try to avoid paying that price for eating the wrong things!

  9. I agree. It’s hard sometimes, especially for me, to refuse that pepsi or popcorn every now and then. As a result, I often get lazy when I try to pull myself out of bed.

    Great read!

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