February 3, 2023

This last couple of weeks I feel are all about me but I am hoping that you can learn from my problems.

We all deal with problems and setbacks when we are getting fit or healthier. Usually this is because we are beating our body into changing one way or the other. How you deal with your injury or setback will directly affect how you move forward afterwards.

Starting With a Decision

Last week I decided that I was going to really pick it up trying to get in the best shape of my life so I could dominate in street hockey next week. I did this by doing lots of cardio, running, riding, rowing, elliptical trainer. But the trouble is that I have been cardio-lazy all winter while doing speed style workouts, you know like turbulence training.

Well my body got really mad at that straight out cardio and I seem to have wrecked my back. This happens lots to people and when it happens to you how do you react?

Ouch, Injury, and How to Deal With It

Well the best way to react is to heal and work around the injury. Ice and heat alternating a few times a day, aspirin for the pain and continue trying to exercise.

Dealing with Setbacks
Dealing with Setbacks

When eating this happens a lot. You cut your eating and change your diet and in your head you are struggling, starving, and feel like you are doing without. Then suddenly you find a cake and eat it.

What do you do next? Well I would have to ask why you are starving yourself and depriving? My best idea is to regroup after eating that cake and  try to decide what was wrong. Plan what you will do. I will tell you right now that just by drinking more water, spacing out your eating to 6 smaller meals, and cutting out all the bread, potatoes, and rice from your diet will make a huge difference.

So think back, how do you tend to react to setbacks? I know this is always a process that you have to look back at your past and see how you can adjust.

I always used to be disappointed in myself that I did not have unlimited willpower until I realized that I was setting far too high a standard for myself.  You should look at yourself the same way, recognize your limitations and don’t try to be some kind of hero but just always move forward in your dreams and goals.

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