April 24, 2024

I had so much fun and a good experience from readers of the blog a couple of days ago by posting some great articles from other blogs that I decided to share a few more. I just found these posts yesterday and it seems that lots of bloggers are writing some really high quality stuff, I am going to have to pick up the pace here.

How to get a muscular body

Zen to Fitness has a great highlight type article on how people get muscular. One of the highlights is that there is a great old pic of Arnold before he was governor of California at the top of the post. Eating and exercise tips.

Are School lunches healthy?

I have two kids in school and so I thought this would be an interesting read, but it was even more. Did you know that only 80 cents a day goes into food at a typical school made lunch?

TV in kids rooms can make them fat

I keyed into this article because I also think that having a TV in the kids rooms can cause them to be antisocial as well but my kids each have a TV and we make sure that the kids realize that the TV is for when everyhting else, inluding playing is done. The TVs will leave their rooms if it becomes a problem.

Finding a little time to exercise

Sometimes I think it would be great to write a book about how to exercise in 5 minutes (10 times a day). People hate a time commitment but here are four quick ways to get more exercise in. Oh and the logo for the website is great.

Building loss momentum

I am a sucker for a quick and easy top 10 list as you have probably realized from this blog. Here is a list of 10 ways to build momentum in losing weight. They are not altogether obvious so I think that these tips will really snap your thinking into the right frame of mind.

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