March 5, 2024

I have been quietly catching up on my RSS feeds today and getting inspiration and knowledge from all the bloggers out there writing about health and fitness issues.

Instead of writing an article today I thought I would point you at some things that I have found interesting. And no pictures (Maybe I need to find an inspirational picture or an infographic for the bottom)

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is real

The Wheat Belly Doctor Dr William Davis has a study that shows that even if you don’t have Celiac disease (fancy for gluten intolerance), you can still suffer from sensitivity to gluten. This means all those grains that you eat may be causing you imflamation.

5 Rules To Foolproof Your Paleo Diet

I’m not very Paleo although I pretend to strive to be. This article though on Robb Wolfs great Paleo blog goes really down to the basics of what Paleo is and why people trip up on the Paleo diet

Could There Be Human DNA In Your Hot Dog?

I saw this story a couple of days ago and it is the grossest thing in a while. During a study it was found that Hot Dogs often contain lots of what they don’t state, including 2% human DNA. Would that be fingers? Animals eating people? I try not to think to hard about this, good article anyway though.

Seven Things I Did To Reboot My Life

This is an article Written by Wil Wheaton. Ex-child actor and now very nerdy guy that writes and acts as well. He got tired of how his life was a few months ago and made some big changes and wrote a long article about how these changes manifested in his life.

Strong evidence of mental health benefits in delaying kindergarten

This study was interesting in that it seems to say that concentration is better if you delay sending kids to kindergarten for an extra year. Not sure why yet but any study that points to why ADD is such a problem with kids always gets my attention

What do you think about these kinds of posts? I read a lot of articles and sometimes I want to share, which I do on Twitter, but sometimes I think it would be better on the blog. Let me know if you want to see more of these types of posts

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