December 2, 2023

Diabetes Symptoms in Men is an accurate way to watch your health and to help you to guess whether you have diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are abnormally high because the body cells are unable to absorb glucose from the bloodstream and utilize it for energy. The condition may arise because the body produces too little or no insulin, or the body may fail to respond to insulin. Diabetes produces a number of symptoms in both men and women. This article discusses the common diabetes symptoms in men.

8 Common Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Some of the early signs and symptoms of diabetes are similar to the symptoms of other health disorders, making it difficult to recognize the condition. But early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is vital in order to prevent complications. Diabetes symptoms in men include:

Excessive thirst and urination. One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is excessive thirst. This symptom can be experienced by both men and women. High levels of glucose in the blood causes the kidneys to work double time and draw more water from the blood. This results in thirst and a frequent need to urinate.

Diabetes Symptoms in Men
8 Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Unexplained loss. If you have not made any changes in your diet or amount of physical activity but find yourself losing weight, you may have diabetes. Diabetes can cause loss because the body cells cannot absorb and utilize glucose from the blood effectively.

Constant fatigue. If you feel rundown and tired all the time, you may be displaying one of the diabetes symptoms in men. The body cells’ inability to utilize energy-giving glucose can result in chronic fatigue.

Constant hunger. Some diabetic patients can experience an increase in appetite. This happens if the body increases its production of insulin in order to bring down blood glucose levels.

High levels of insulin in the body increases hunger. Some diabetic patients can start eating more and gain , but others can still lose despite increasing their food intake.

Nerve damage. Consistently high levels of sugar in the blood can damage the nerves of the peripheral nervous system. Nerve damage causes tingling and numbness in the extremities such as the legs, toes, feet, hands and fingers.

Erectile dysfunction. This is one of the most important diabetes symptoms in men. High levels of blood sugar associated with diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels of the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.

Poor healing. Diabetes may affect the immune system, causing recurring infections and difficulty with wound healing.

Vision changes. This diabetes symptom in men and women can happen if the condition is left untreated, and may even lead to blindness. The buildup of glucose can affect the shape of the lens, resulting in vision changes. Diabetes can also damage the blood vessels in the eye.

These are the most common Diabetes symptoms in men to watch out for and of course go to a doctor if you have any concern that this is what you are suffering from.

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