June 4, 2023

For a few years I was riding a really crappy mountain bike but last year I finally bought myself a decent mountain bike, by decent I mean about $225.

The new bike was good for a year but then I had trouble with the crank being loose and had to take it in to get some work done. The tech at the bike store said I needed to replace the crank but the housing was seized and was not fixable. Fortunately for me there was a 1 year warranty for the bike so I just got the value of the bike as a replacement.

100_6713So here finally is where the story turns to my new Diamondback Odyssey. I paid and extra $30 and picked up the bike in the picture here. The new Diamondback Odyssey has a few features that my old bike did not, holder screws for the bike bottle, better gearing, better shocks. Most of all the bike frame fits my body a lot better. I love riding this bike because it fits me great.

I am especially amazed at how quickly in retrospect that me last bike degraded. I can feel the stability of this bike even though the last one was only a year old. I am really seeing what kind of affect that proper and regular maintenance would have helped my last couple of bikes even though my last one was defective.

I ride my bike to and from work everyday, especially tough in winter but in summer the ride is a breeze. I have had a few snowy mornings riding and the new bike has been awesome for the conditions.

I will be writing soon about how to choose a bike, especially since it is the time of year that beings out a bunch of bike sales but just wanted to intro the new member of my family, my new mountain bike.

6 thoughts on “Diamondback Odyssey

  1. I have to agree that there are good reasons to have a more expensive bike. It is not just the cost of the bike and the idea of it being an extravagance but really the parts are much better quality.

    I do not notice the lower quality in the Summer but in the winter when the road and conditions are worse I really notice that everything does not mesh nearly as well.

  2. I almost never ride off road except for a gravel road along the way. The bike is a far sight better then the crappy bike that I rode for 5 years a few years ago

  3. Yea a pro bike is much more than a $225, i got my bike for 1025$, It’s really awesome, i am going with him on woods mountains and mud 🙂 on my cabin. By the way nice blog.

  4. I also ride my bike to work every day, even in winter. I would recommend you to spend a bit more money on a good bike though. Bikes under $800 usually are made of very cheap materials and you will have repairs often. Also the of the frame is probably much higher and the safety aspects such as the brakes play a big role. If you spend so much time on your bike you should also spend some money on it…

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