May 25, 2024

I am sure that most people that have tried a diet have wondered about all of these diets or plans that seem to go to be true. I have found a great site for researching Diet Scams and it is worth checking out.

Also Ediets has a diet scam page. There are also other kind of scams, every now and then some kind of product comes on the market that is supposed to help you lose and often they can be dangerous.

It all comes down to a few factors to see if a loss plan makes sense to try or if it is a diet scam.

1. Does the diet have a reason to work? Do you do exercise to increase metabolism? Do you decrease your caloric intake to lose ? If not it is probably a diet scam.

2. Is the diet sustainable for the rest of your life? Most diets are just that, a diet to be on for a few months with no plan as to how you will eat after it is over. Although some of these work it is really a diet scam if there is not plan that you know of to come off the diet.

3. Is there some strange herb that will increase your metabolism? I have seen at least a couple dozen of these magic herbs over the last few years and none of them has stayed for long. One of the problems is that to increase your metabolism to magically lose these herbs are a danger to your heart or liver. All of these herbs are in my opinion a diet scam unless they can prove otherwise with scientific backing not just testemonials.

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