April 24, 2024

Ever noticed those infomercials about exercise equipment? I am sure you have. These are pretty expensive equipment and they promise to flatten your abs so that you can make your body hot body like your favorite celebrity.

These gadgets promise to help you lose fat in specific areas. such as the stomach, the chest, etc. Basically, these companies are just exploiting the gullibility of the common masses.

Most people believe that in order to lose belly fat, they only need to work on the belly. This is a big misconception and a major reason why so many people fail to lose successfully.

Spot Reduction is a Lie

measuring waistThe fact remains that no matter what you do, your body will not let you lose fat in any specific area in particular. You maybe doing abdominal crunches all day long in the hope of losing belly fat quickly, but maybe astonished to find that you have lost only a few inches after weeks of hard work.

What is more, what you have lost may not be fat at all but your valuable abdominal muscles. When you exercise, your body decides in which area it should burn fat. Thus spot reduction of fat is totally impossible.

That is why it pays to do exercises that involve your body as whole, rather than specific parts. Exercises which involve your entire body offer you permanent loss solution. Instead of wasting money on expensive loss gadgets that simply sell on hype, join a fitness center or a gym, if you are serious about loss, that is.

Lose Weight All Over with Cardio

One of the best ways to lose quickly is by doing cardiovascular workouts. Cardios are very helpful in helping you get rid of your fat belly. You don’t even need to do cardios for hours to notice any tangible results.

If you only run on a treadmill for at least half-an-hour daily, that would be enough for you.

Along with regular workouts, it is also essential that you control your food intake. When you are looking forward to losing those obstinate pounds, it is essential that you eat raw fruits and vegetables instead of fried meals. When you consume fewer calories than what you burn, you will inevitably lose weight.

I hope this article gives you an idea of how to get rid of fat belly quickly. Now go ahead and use this plan. Take ACTION, because only people who take action succeed in life. Weight loss is not hard at all and you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to get fit and healthy.

3 thoughts on “The Spot Reduction Myth

  1. Well from my study I totally agree with this article. Spot reduction does not work. Some comments I have foudn regarding reasons why spot reduction APPEARS to work is that when the muscles underneath are built up the fat is redistributed elsewhere. Kinda pushed out of the way. Spot reduction by plastic wrap may or may not have some basis but then again it seems very crude unless our sweat glands are ran to our fat pockets.

    Also keep in mind other studies have shown that spot reduction doesn’t work and in fact have shown that the body loses fat in the last place it was stored.

  2. Hi and thanks.

    Generally I agree about the spot reduction for general exercisers.

    but …

    A Danish study done last year wrapped athletes in plastic and tinkered with a couple of other variables like localised heat and they managed to lose more fat off their waist than anywhere else.

    and …

    A study by the university of NSW last year discovered women who did a variable intensity program on spin bikes lost most of the fat from their hips and thighs – way more than was expected, knowing that women carry most body fat there.
    They have now branched their research into why this happens.

    Early days yet.

    Live long. Live well.
    Rick Rakauskas

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