May 25, 2024

“Do I have depression” is a question that runs through many minds all over the world. Depression is classified as a medical disorder that originates from psychiatric or medical conditions. It is a very real ailment that can be overcome through medication, therapy or a combination of both.

It is important to ask yourself “Do I have depression?” in order to seek the appropriate help. Knowing the symptoms of depression as well as initial self assessment can make it easier for depression to be managed and eventually overcome.

Depression can become a dangerous illness if left untreated. It can cause problems with work and relationships. It can also lead to violent episodes that can cause harm to others or to the depressed person themselves. Depression however doesn’t need to reach such drastic levels. Taking the first step and asking “Do I have depression?”

The Different Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression can manifest itself in both physical and emotional ways. Some of the symptoms one may feel are the following:


* Fatigue
* Loss of appetite
* Stomach or digestive problems and pains
* Sudden changes
* Difficulty in concentrating

Emotional or Psychological

* Sadness or mood swings
* Hopelessness or bleak outlook in life
* Suicidal Tendencies
* Helplessness
* Restlessness
* Anxiety

It is difficult for a person to assess this themselves, often times a friend or a family member points the problem or symptoms to those that suffer from depression. It will eventually come to a point where the person will feel that there is something wrong with them. It is at this point where they will ask “Do I have depression” and try to seek help for themselves.

Early assessment of depression is important to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. It can also help so professionals can see if the depression is caused by other medical problems.

Causes of Depression

Depression may be caused by several factors. These may be emotional or physical events in a person’s life. Events such as job loss, relationship problems and trauma have links to depression. These events become trigger points in a person’s life that can cause them to feel anxious, stressed and cause mood swings.

There are also physical and medical causes of depression. Recovery from accidents or operations, substance abuse and hormonal imbalance can also cause depression.

The many factors which cause depression can make it difficult to pinpoint the specific problem or root cause. This is why it is important to seek professional help and undergo the proper prescribed treatment.

Getting Assessment and Treatment

If you’ve asked yourself “Do I have depression” and the signs indicate yes, the next step would be to seek professional help. Look for a psychiatrist with a good record or ask your doctor to recommend or refer you to a specialist. Getting screened physically and psychiatrically will aid in diagnosing depression.

Once it is confirmed you have depression, you can be assured that you can overcome this problem by following the doctor’s advice. Take medication if necessary and adopt changes in your life style to avoid triggers or causes of depression.

Remember that the question “Do I have depression?” will be your first step to a healthier and happier life.

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