March 2, 2024

I was off sick a couple weeks ago. Sometimes there will be a bug in the office and everyone seems to eventually catch it over a couple of month span.

Over the last few years I have been able to stay away from getting sick very often at all using a couple rules:

how to get more exerciseRule one is that I always try to exercise well. I have some really tough workouts and some not so tough workouts but I never try to push myself to hard over an extended period of days, the way that I look at it is that I can’t heal fast enough to get away with that and I know because I will get more and more tired as the week goes on.

Rule two is that I make sure that I sleep well so that I do not get tired during the day. I make sure that I get 7-8 hours sleep every night and as we all know that is not always possible. I make sure that after a few bad nights of sleep that I will cut back my exercise and get tow great nights sleep and start ramping up my exercise schedule again.

Sometimes you will not avoid a flu but over time I believe that I have caught fewer flues and recovered faster.

Most of my sick days are more the mental health variety where I take a day off to recharge and make sure that I am doing all of the things that I write here about.

Exercise, vitamins, relaxation, sleep, meditation, and of course reflecting on all of these together with my exercise to make sure that I am not deficient in one or to strong in one at the determent of the others.

So this week as you are going through the paces of your regular off work week time eating and exercising try to take a few minutes to reflect how you are doing these things both during the week and during the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Do I stay in better health with exercise?

  1. Exercise is vital to staying healthy. There are so many health benefits to exercise it should be a part of everyone’s life in some way.

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