December 10, 2023

Many years ago I had a crazy idea about wearing an elastic band to absorb the kinetic energy from the atmosphere. It was all just a joke at the time but the guys I worked with did it as well and we talked about how much more energy we had from wearing plain elastic bands.

Well today the past just came back

My wife and daughter bought me a Lifestrength wristband and this simple elastic band is supposed to help with lots of things. I doubt that it will work but if it does I will be very happy to be surprised.

What is a Lifestrength Bracelet ?

Lifestrength bracelet are made out of silicone and are infused with a bunch of stuff that is supposed to increase the amount of negative ions that your body absorbs and gets rid of the positive ions that are polluting your body.

  • Micro Particles – minerals are crushed into microscopic particles and then charged with infrared particles
  • Minerals and Crystals – 7 different types of crystals are made of of Ion Technology that is supposed to contribute anions around you
  • Mineral Infusion – Minerals that are infused into the band itself will increase the number of anions around you

So this is what the guys at Lifestrength say and is seems very strange as you read it but as you go through the site you see that lots of people are using these bracelets. I have to say that there are some stories that are very inspirational.  If you look around you will also see lots of athletes, both amateur and pro wearing these Lifestrength bracelets.

Basically all of this with the bracelets, all of the benefits of the Lifestrength Bracelet is due to anions.

Dr Oz, the TV doctor guy, also says that the power of negative Ions are very important for feeling better.

How will a Lifestrength Bracelet Make me Feel?

So what are the claims? What should the Lifestrength Bracelet do to help me? Well according to the company:

Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain

In the manual that came with my wristband is says that the benefits of anions is huge and even cites government studies saying that the anions help reduce anti-oxidizing, emotions, immune system, anti-aging, respiratory system, improve sleep, and mental alertness.

So today is my first day with the bracelet. so far I do feel calmer but of course it is Saturday and a tough week so I am relaxing a bit. What I would like to do is wear this Lifestrength Bracelet for the next few weeks and kind of forget about it and then look back and see what kind of effect it has had on me.

Have you bought one of these wristbands yet? If you have what has your experience been?


2 thoughts on “Does the Lifestrength Bracelet Work?

  1. I wore my bracelet on my left wrist and started having knee problems well more than usual. It suddenly came to me that wearing it on the side with my injured knee might be more beneficial and it was. I love my bracelet and what it can do.

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