April 21, 2024

That is what my wife is saying this morning. Last night Halloween was a smash hit with the weather cooperating and lots of people dressing up their houses for all the ghoulish behavior that makes us all remember what it is like to be a kid and excited about free candy just for saying “Trick or Treat”

This morning not so much though. The kids were a little wired on chocolate and had a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night and this morning my son (he is 6) keeps asking for more candy. Only 3 candies now, wait until later for more.

My wife keeps a firm hand on the kids eating though. Growing up my wife really struggled with her and to make sure our kids don’t fall into the same bad eating traps and lack of exercise that she was used to growing up she tries to instill great habits in the kids. And it works with my daughter, my son though is another story.

While Taylor could take or leave the candy, I think sometimes she is just collecting it, my son Jaiden would eat candy all day long if he had a chance and do this all the while we is playing his Nintendo DS. So we always need to push Jaiden along, teaching him what kinds of food are good for him and why exercise is important, and it works, most of the time.

So far all is well. The kids are well adjusted, eat a bit of junk food and have fun while still being kids and carefree. I know as they get older it will be tougher to control what they eat and the exercise they get, actually all of their decisions will be theirs but the best we can do at this part of their lives is to point them in the right direction and help them to understand the importance of the choices that they make

4 thoughts on “Don’t Touch That Chocolate

  1. Choclolate is not so bad if you don’t gorge on it, however that is easier said than done when your a child. My daughter used to get one small treat after school everyday, sometimes chocolate, sometimes something more healthy, she now does the same with her kids.

  2. Childhood without chocolate is unbearable. I was trying to keep my daughter off the sweets, but I see now it is better to allow sweets at home. Otherwise your kid will start consuming sweets in secret, eating more. It is easier to control amount of chocolate when it’s eaten at home.

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