February 28, 2024
Double Chin
Double Chin

I am not sure why I have just started noticing double chin but for some reason this week I began noticing peoples necks and double chins. Now before I create some new fetish I want to qualify this double chin business, I have been watching lifting videos and bodybuilding training and then when I was at the mall I started picturing how people would look if they were huge bodybuilders in their regular clothes instead of bodybuilders in tank tops…what did I see first? Double chins.

It is strange, if you picture people looking differently and there are a lot of people that when they lose the first thing you may notice is that double chin. We watched the biggest loser last month and you would see bigger people that seemed to look 20 years younger after they lost and because these people are always wearing clothes in public you really notice the absence of a double chin.

How do you get rid of Double Chin?

Most of the time we are looking at getting rid of a spare tire or big hips but in actual fact people will see you losing your double chin from your diet and exercise but will say that you look slimmer, sometimes the biggest changes are not what people think they notice but what they expect to see differently.

I know that exercise will not get rid of every ones double chin, sometimes it is just a genetic disposition and we do all know (I hope) that spot reduction is a fallacy but exercise and losing body fat is the best way to rid yourself of a double chin.

Sorry, I know you will go out today and will be noticing every ones double chin now…maybe we will all forget tomorrow but will notice again as the drops off and gets rid of the double chin

4 thoughts on “Double Chin

  1. Double chin is not a joke, lots of people are suffering from it and some times it is because lack of Elastin.
    I know some people who tried it and recommended it.

  2. The face is the first place to lose it’s like it is a closing from the head to the feet and as you diet the fat leaves from the head to the feet. What I mean is the face and the calves will lose first then the upper chest and the upper thighs then the upper abs and the lower abs and the lose meets at the belly button. Thats why the hardest and last place we lose fat is the stomach because thats where it meets and ends. Thats why woman say I have been dieting and all I lost was my breast size , because it is like a drawing to the middle of the body where we all carry most of our fat. So don’t get discouraged it will all come together in the end ( or The middle really ) .

  3. Personally, I think guys who are slim/toned/athletic/average build and have a double chin is very very sexy and a great turn on, but I do have a fetish there. I’ve seen some very incredibly nicely built guys even in 20s with a real impressive sexy double chin, alas I haven’t had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ many for taking things further. Unfortunately many guys hide a chin with a goatee and a re bashful about it.

  4. is there a connection between beer drinking and double chins?

    Well, I guess if you drink a lot of beer and get chubby your face will swell up and cause you to get a double chin.

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