April 21, 2024
making changes slowly
making changes slowly

There is a certain power in making changes slowly. I run into people all the time that have made changes in their lives as well as people that talk the change game but have not made these changes. I often wonder what it is that makes the difference but rally I think it comes down to two things Fear, and procrastination through laziness.

Fear of change

So procrastination will have to wait 🙂 Today I want to write about change and how to confront your fear of change by making the change slowly istead of jumping right in. Many of the self help people will tell you to just hold your breath and jump at the changes you need to make but… Lots of people that want to change their life will not take the big leap. Is that you?

You Don’t have to make radical changes overnight

Instead of making those big changes that will change your life remember that any change that you make will change your life good or bad. The important thing is implementing changes in your life that make sense today and that you can follow through on. Here are a few examples:

Examples of Making Changes Slowly

Exercise – No one that does not exercise knows the great feeling and satisfaction that come from a run or a good hour of kickboxing. But what are you to do. Join the local gym and go 6 days a week? Become a musclehead and lift like you are going to start parallel parking cars by hand? No, if it is not in you to make this big change you have to change more slowly. Start going for a walk every night. Not 3 days a week, not walking 5 mornings and 1 evening. No, make it a habit that every night after dinner you go for a walk, how ever musch walkt you want to do is up to you. Move it up to 30 minutes a night within a few weeks, miss it if you have to, but make sure that your new priority is this walk and the simple habit of this is what will make it a must to do for you.

Better eating
– You can go ahead and throw away all of the food in the house that is meaty based, has gluten, has white carbs, has sugar , or is milk but for most people that would leave broccoli (hey I like broccoli) and apples. Instead you can make small changes. Again look at habits. Do you eat chocolate in the morning or while watching TV? Do you skip breakfast? It would only take half an hour of journalling to not only see what your bad habits are and act to make sure you are eating a few meals a day of healthy food and making a good plan to shop for alternatives instead of junk food. Again you do not need huge change you just need to change in the right direction by taking smaller steps.

These are just a couple of examples of making changes slowly. I bet you can find lots of place in your life where you can do the same thing.

Don’t Listen to your Head, Make the Change Anyway

Now that you have an idea of some of the smaller changes, a bit of an idea of what you want ot change in your life the sky is now the limit for you. Are you going to make these small changes? Do you see what the power of change is? Do not use those fears in your life of “I can’t change that”, or “That is impossible for me” kind of inner talking stop you from making those changes. I know that anyone can make changes and no matter what kinds of change that you want to make you probably have almost all the info already, it is just a matter of taking those first few small steps.

Practice by Making changes slowly starting today not tomorrow and see your life transform in no time.

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