May 25, 2024

We all want to lose weight, gain muscle and be healthier, but the trouble is that these things never seem to come to us.

There is a reason for this and it is simply that we do not make small changes in our mindset to bring about the big changes.

For instance let’s say that you want to lose weight. You try a diet for a few weeks only to fall off and fall into your old habits.

change your thoughts

Even the people on the Biggest Loser tend to gain their back and do you know why this is? The mind is not changed, your habits have been short circuited for a brief spell but can still come back.

You need to change your mind before the outward changes are going to manifest for you.

So – How Can You Change Your Mind For Good?

Changing your mind is partly faking it out. If you can just convince yourself that you are in your new goal instead of just hoping for that future goal then your mind can do the work easier to get you there.

The best way to change you mind is not to one day say:

“I want to be thin”

actually the best way to say this in your mind would be:

“I am thin”

since your mind will accept the now but does not really understand the furute and the past when making change.

Make Some Small Changes

The next thing that you need to do to make those changes in your life is to do the small things.

To lose weight of course you need to clean out your cupboards of all of those evil processed foods but that is not going to help you at the grocery store.

choose your life

Instead you have to change your mind on what you like and do not like for food. No one that I know of really likes rice cakes but so many people will try to eat them to lose weight.

What would be the point of eating rice cakes at home and then eating lots of chocolate cake when you go out for dinner?

The best way to think of what you will eat is to change your mind from craving snacks and desserts all the time to changing your focus to eating different fruits and vegetables in a way that is simple and really tasty.

Change the way you think from wanting pie to wanting fruit salad instead.

This is the real crux of the whole diet dillema. Anyone can do a diet for a week or two but after that you are convinced that you can go back at least a little bit to those foods that you ate before, you fake yourself again into thinking that this diet is temporary and that you will go back to “real food”.

So instead it is critical to change that lifestyle, to eating the foods that are healthy, revel in those new food choices, and make sure they taste good so that the lifestyle is changed to eating those instead of the old apparent comfort foods that are bad for you.

Changing Your Thoughts On Exercise

Food is not the only place where you want to make these changes in your head.

When it comes to evercise often we will think that to lose we have to exercise. Instead the exercise mindset must be changed to

“I want to exercise because it makes me feel good”

So how do you make the changes to have your mind really believe that?

First you need to exercise with the goal in the end not in losing weight but in feeling better, having more energy, and better stamina and concentration.

No one wants that feeling of exhaustion in the gym initlally, it is really uncomfortable and when the going gets tough you will want to stop since it seems like it is doing nothing anyway.

If you focus instead on the idea that every workout is helping all these other parts of your life then you will see the results not only on the scale but in other parts of your life and you will continue to do those workouts for all the right reasons.

1 thought on “Making Changes in Your Head – How Lifestyle Changes Really Happen

  1. I totally agree. Learning to prefer healthier foods is a challenge and a lot of people think they can never do it. In reality, it IS possible. I like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for that. It works!

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