May 19, 2024

I have always said that people rely a little too much on carbohydrates in their diet and should increase protein intake with easy protein rich meals. As far as I am concerned your body can not assimilate more than 25 or 30 grams of protein per meal so there is no point in eating 60 or 80 grams in one meal.

Here are a few easy ways to increase your protein. Not rocket science but still things to think about

Easy Protein Rich Meals

Home Made Protein Bars
Easy Protein Rich Meals

Tuna – Had to start with this. A little can of tuna has as much protein as you need in one meal. In the past, I have eaten it straight out of the can, with pepper or eaten it mixed with some cheese and diced pickles.

One other great way is to add a can of tuna to macaroni and white cheese (remember that that powdered white cheese is high in fat but tastes good as an additive anyway).

Ground beef – Tons of stuff you can do after frying up some lean or extra lean ground beef, remember to drain the fat after frying. You can eat it by itself, add tomato sauce or even noodles and cheese.

Protein powder – This is the best easy way to add protein to your diet. Get whey protein powder, cheap stuff, and add protein powder it to milk or cereal, or even add protein powder to your morning oatmeal.

The most important thing for getting protein into your meals and to get all your meals in a day even is to make things easy, really easy. This way you never have to worry about where your next batch of protein is coming from.

If you spend a lot of time making your meals you will never get all of those protein-rich meals and snacks in, so it is important to have at least a couple of meals in your day that are almost instant to make

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  1. I use Whey protein a lot before and after my bodybuilding routines. Whey helps a lot in building muscles.*,`

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