March 5, 2024

Both my son and daughter suffer from Eczema and we did try giving them an oatmeal bath as an Eczema cure.

Eczema is a skin condition that, on my kids anyway, results in red rashes on the skin in the folds of their elbows, backs of knees and in the folds of their neck. I was looking for a cure for this problem as at this point we are putting on a steroidal cream on the eczema to get rid of it and it kind of burns when we are smoothing it in.

I have found one cure online and it is thanks to The Oatmeal Bath is supposed to help to get rid of these sores and tonight I tried it out with my son. I will have to post again over the next couple of days to let you know if this works to get rid of the eczema at least temporarily. Here are the instructions for creating a Oatmeal Bath.

Eczema Cure – Oatmeal Bath

Eczema Cure - Oatmeal Bath
Eczema Cure – Oatmeal Bath

To try this eczema cure and to make an oatmeal bath, which is more like an oatmeal soup I found, you’ll need a blender, food processor or coffee grinder and 1 cup of oatmeal. You can use instant oatmeal (unflavored), quick oats or slow cooking oats- all work equally as well. For babies, you’ll only need about 1/3 cup per bath.

Blend or process the oats on the highest setting until you have a very fine, consistent powder. To test the colloid property of the oats, stir 1 tablespoon oats into a glass of warm water. If the oats readily absorb the water and give it a milky look and a silky feel, you’ve blended long enough.

Giving an Eczema Cure Oatmeal bath

Sprinkle the oats into your luxury corner bath tub of running water and stir the water with your hand several times to ensure even distribution. Feel along the bottom of the tub for clumps and break up any you find.

Take care assisting your child into the tub as the oats will make the tub even more slippery than usual. Allow your child to soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes and pat dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing.

You can use this bath once or twice a day or more frequently as your doctor advises.

Common uses for Oatmeal Baths:

  • Chicken pox
  • Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac
  • Dry skin
  • Insect bites
  • Eczema
  • Diaper rash
  • Anal itching (often from pinworms)
  • Windburn
  • Sunburn
  • Shingles

When I did this oatmeal bath for the kids I found that they were a little nervous getting in as it looked milkyish. After they got in it was fine though and in fact it did help their eczema.  Try it out and let us all know what you find. There are other baths as well besides an oatmeal bath and I will try my best to post more of them.

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  1. I tried this tonight with my baby, had high hopes since he suffers with severe eczema over 90% of his body and suffers miserably. I should note that he has never before been itchy at bathtime, but with this oatmeal bath he was screaming from itchiness after 5 minute in the water. Now I am wondering if he is allergic to oatmeal!! Anyway, didn’t work for us unfortunately. 🙁

  2. Calendula Cream! I use California Baby Calendula cream and it is fantastic, my 3 children and myself have severe eczema all in different locations and types. I have tried everything on them from steriods creams, oils lotions cetaphil, cerave, hydrolotum, aveeno, you name it we tried it! I wound up eliminating all of the daily products we use and did tons of research and found…the simpler the product the better off you are! If you can;t read the ingredients why are you using them…so use natural minimally processed ingredients (this is actually cheaper in the long run-trust me)
    9 out of 10 cases of eczema are caused by an “allergic reaction” to a chemical or fragrance in a product you are using…which is why I eliminated all products that are on the cosmetic dirty dozen list and picked up “earthy, crunchy” ones and I can not believe the difference!!! In less then 1 week I was able to eliminate eczema for my 3 children and myself (i had it the worst)
    I know every one is different and this may not work for you but here is our cabinet list.,..
    weleda face products-almond oil
    body….dr bronners castile soap with lavender for me
    California baby-super sensitive body wash for kids
    California baby Calendula cream for everyone
    California baby- super sensitive everyday lotion

    hair…. California baby tea tree and lavender shampoo for me
    California baby calendula conditioner everyone
    california baby super sensitive shampoo for kids
    hand wash….diluted Dr Bronners castile soap with lavender.

    All of these products have natural ingredients that are proven to sooth and rid eczema with out giving you cancer causing ingredients and allergy causing ingredients…
    Worth a shot…..good luck! Let me know if you have questions

    1. forgot to mention I do use oatmeal baths 1 time per week…if we have flareups or not….it is great for you skin!

  3. I know me too i am eleven everynight i cry myself to sleep.i never used to be this tramatized by it.i used to think of myself as gorgeous now i find it embarrising to look in the mirror.I have patches in between my arms on my neck and badly on my face.I look so bad that at school one person started calling me dalmation because of the mom and dad say im pretty but i dont believe anyone.I try cream after cream and none of them work especially elidel.I wash my face with cold water drink water no sodas or sweets eat alot of fruits and meats.i dont understand what i did to make god hate me enough to make me so mom must be so embarresed to walk around town with me looking like this.she changed the laundry soap,dust the house everyday,keeps the dogs out of the house,put a allergy relief cover over my bed and pillow,made me go on a no sugar diet,took me to atleast 5 different specialists,buys these unhelpful expensive creams.Im starting to give up hope.Please if their is anybody out there.Help me i’m begging you.I know for a fact that i will do my best and try to slove this excema and find a cure to it for the rest of my life to help kids like me until the day i die.Nobody should have to go through what i do.Help me…please :*(

    1. Dont feel like that, :(.
      Your not alone. I too, feel ugly with this excema. My derm. told me that I should try a product called :
      CeraVe. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream increases the skin’s ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture. It penetrates deeply into the layers of the stratum corneum (the skin barrier) to restore the balance of lipids that are essential for an effective skin barrier. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream also forms a protective layer over the skin’s surface to help prevent moisture loss. Best part is, its non-irritating, and fragrance-free! :D. I tried this, and loved it. Get the CeraVe Moisturising Cream ^__^”. I’m 13 years old. If you take care of your excema early, it should go away around your 20’s. My mom had excema too. I asked my mom how she got rid of it and she said ”just don’t scratch” . I told her it wasent possible because it was so hard not to. She said its mind over matter. Drink plenty of water too! :D. Dont forget, Get the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream! ( Not lotion ). For more info click this link right here ~~~>

      P.S. – Im not advertising. hehe. ^__^

    2. You’re not alone, I passed through all this too! and sometimes I don’t still have great days, but you have to be strong, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!! Actually, I believe that, I think I’ve become a really strong person thanks to eczema, I can face tough situation. Of course, you can’t learn all of this in just one day, I had years to figure it out. Now, I’m 21 and I still have eczema, it’s atopic eczema; I know it won’t go away forever, but I have to coexist with it, and with time you find your tricks to stay better.
      I found my cure, it’s the phototerapy; basically, you stay in this cabin with lights; you start with 15 seconds to 10-15 min, you have to be careful and do not exaggerate, you can burn yourself. It’s like to take sun, but just the good light of it… and you get tanned! That’s the second good thing, after curing eczema. It doesn’t cure it forever, you have to do it forever, but you reduce it I think until once a week or once one other week, but I’m not sure.
      I have to restart it because I stopped it in December and I was at home for holidays, but now I the new semester restart and I’ll go for phototherapy again!!
      I have to tell you that you won’t see results immediately, you have to be really patient, you can see results after months, but after that you’ll be so happy 🙂
      It works for me, hope it works for you too sweetie!!!
      A big kiss from Italy!! (eczema is everywhere -.-‘) xx

    3. Did you try dead sea salt/mineral? It might help. I have suffered from this all my life. Luckily I don’t have it on my neck as bad. Mostly hands and feet/legs. (it’s so ugly -i know) I just deal with it.

      Remember to use a high SPF sunblock all the time- anywhere you have skin exposed if you are using prescribed medicine because they are all steroids. It makes your skin thin- easily damaged by the sun. I didn’t know this when I was your age (I wish I did- I wish someone had told me). Now I suffer from lots of spots and discoloration from the areas that have recovered and premature skin sunspots :C

  4. Coconut Oil made my daughter far worse. She is 14 now, has had it her entire life and I have noticed sugar (eating sweets) makes it worse but she always has it. Stress causes flare ups too, now she has it severe on her neck, face and scalp. The only time it gets a bit better is when she swims in the ocean (we currently live in Okinawa, Japan) but also are from Florida. Being military we don’t always have the ocean to swim in. Sea salts help, as does oatmeal baths but some people oatmeal makes it worse. Steroids always temporary fix, just buries symptoms while you have it on, also thins and bleaches out her skin, sometimes turns it brown! We have done everything over the years, and I mean everything (even ordered champuri which was a waste of money for us). I still think it’s environmental as well as diet. I believe there is so much we don’t know about eczema so doctors just throw strong steroids at it. It seems to run in cycles too. Some days she just flares suddenly, skin is always dry and you have to be careful of creams and lotions too. Cerve makes her worse (recommended by eczema ‘experts’ ha, it burned her skin) Sometime olive oil in the bath helps, but truly, we’ve yet to find the fix and its been years. We just keep hoping she outgrows it. I do agree with someone above about getting meats in the diet, and avoid sweets!

  5. Oatmeal baths truly are your best friend when it comes to the suffering one experiences from eczema. I suffer from Dyshidrotic Eczema, which is primarily blisters on the hands and feet. The only thing the doctor’s are good for in this case is the patch testing, and after that they’re useless. In fact, they only managed to prescribe me Elidel, which many say eventually lead to skin cancer, and some steroids, which I’m also uncomfortable with. I wrote a blog with pics about my recovery (keep in mind this is just for Dyshidrotic Eczema):
    I hope this helps some people out. I used natural methods to remove the problem, not the symptoms.

    1. WOW! Thank you! I have dys…eczema also. The navy doc doesn’t know anything about it so he prescribed Elidel which made my skin rub off! My hands get so bad they blister, crack and then bleed. I am almost positive that the bromine in our drinking/bathing water causes these breakouts. I will definitely have to try the oatmeal treatment.

  6. My daughter is 14 months old and has been struggling with eczema for about 6 months. We’ve recently started bathing her every other day rather than every day which seems to have helped. We also use a steroid, which I would rather not do, but I’m not sure what else to do. I’m going to try the oatmeal and hopefully get some positive results. I’d love to stop putting steroid cream on her everyday.

    1. I make goat milk soap and I have read alot about goat milk soap. I had a mother ask me about my soap and eczema I told her that I have read alot on goat milk soap and read how it helps with eczema. I told her I could make a batch of soap with Oatmeal and without any fragrances. I made it I did add vanilla beans :0) if any of you would like a free sample (while they last) email me my gmail address is
      I would love to know how it helps.

  7. my first son is 98% clear from ezcema. i no longer use any cream or any other treatment for him. this is how i did it: when he turned one i change his milk formula to ordinary cows milk, the one with fat, extra calcium and viatmin d in it. in new zealand its called anchor blue top. and then i started making lots of soups with FATTY meat and veges for him to eat every day. and his eczema cleared since. i noticed taht if i go through a phase where i didnt make him any FATTY meat and veges for him to eat his eczema comes back. so for him its the milk, and some sunshine to get viatmin d and fatty meat and vege soup. give it a try and let me know it it work or not. good luck!!

  8. hi, my first son suffered from eczema a few months after birth and like many parents we tried different treatments. His body is now 98% clear from eczema. he only gets alittle bit behind his knees. we dont use any cream or anything else on him anymore.( i tell u my safe home remedy later on). His last doctor prescribed betaclomazil cream and put him on this restricted diet. teh cream help clear up any outbreaks but i did noticed that his skin was thinned on his front torso as result of using it because i think it is a steroid crream. my husband used allot on his body. so now i didnt go to that same doctor because i didnt want the side effect to happen the same for my second son. with my second son my other doctor just prescribe him emulsifying ointment to help keep his skin moisturised which is suppose to help the eczema. when he turns one i will try my home remedy again so he doesnt have to use any cream treatment.

    my home remedy:
    Anyway, i think the reason why my first son is now clear of eczema is because we have put him onto ordinary cows milk, the one with fat in it and which contains extra calcium and vitamin d. in new zealand its called teh blue top anchor milk. When a child is young his or her immunity is not fully developed therefore you need to make his bones strong and healthy for his immunity to function fully, and thsi is help by vitamin d which you can get in food or from the sun. vitamin d helps the immune system to function properly. in addition in order to keep teh skin nice and hydrated you need to feed teh child lots of animal beef, pork, fish, chicken, lamb etc. I made soup with meat that has lots of animal fats in it which does help teh skin. i noticed taht when i had been unable to cook him frequent soups with fatty meat his ecezma came back and i had to get back into cooking fattty meat soup again which made his ezcema disappear for good and no treatment or cream is needed. please do try my home rememdy because i think its safe. and dont forget to make SOUP with fatty meat and bones. if you cook the fatty meat such as stir fry or baked or grill it does not work, youur child will continue to have to skin problem. it needs to be soup so that fat comes out of the meat and into teh liquid. make soup with vegetables as well to make it tasty. hope i can help you. let me know if any of you guys tried it and it work. good luck!!

  9. Hi my 2 year old has been suffereing with eczema since birth. I have used the steriod creams but I believe that they would do more harm than good in the long run, it was thinning the skin and had to use it all the time.So I have stopped using the steroids. Honeslty I think treatment depends on the diet. No dairy, no soy, no nuts, no wheat. I have seen a vast difference. You should also taking into consideration cleaning products you use at home and laundary detergent you use. I got a steam mop and stopped the harsh clean product (BIG DIFFERENCE) Its better for the environment to.
    I use cetaphil cream anyone else use cetaphil, I find that it works well but If you know of a something better. I want to do everthing possible to make her confortable.

  10. i know how tough it can be with eczema break outs as i too suffer from it during the summer time. but i’ve tried different things to help calm it down. i’ve been trying to find a natural way to soothe the itch. I’ve tried magnesium milk, which is actually used for constipation but if you just apply on the skin it actually really helps cool the skin (it’s really cold when you put it on). and if you just put a cold wet towel on it, it really puts. You can also put powder on it, that too helps. basically just try to find a way to stop scratching at it, and mine slowly went away…

  11. My 5 year old son has been suffering from terrible eczema pretty much since birth. We have found that he is allergic to legumes; soy in particular. We did try the oatmeal baths when he was a toddler, only to find out that when a child has ASTHMA (which he does), the oatmeal baths can irritate/exacerbate the eczema. We bathe him with sea salt in the water, and twice a month, we put a dash of bleach in the tub prophalactically since he had a severe case of herpiticus when his eczema came into contact with someone who had a cold sore. It is really a terrible thing for these children to have to live with:(

  12. I would like to say, I have been struggling with an enormous outbreak of eczema for some months now. My legs are covered with the rash (bleeding and weeping) my arms and back have the dry patches. It all itches more than words can describe. Because I don’t believe in using steroids, I have been more on a search for the cause. I started the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates 2 weeks ago and will continue with it for several months. I also started using the Serenaskin products about 5 days ago. My skin looks so much better that I can’t believe it. I believe that one can actually cure their eczema and not just deal with it! Good luck to all!

  13. I can’t belive how good the oatmeal soothes excema first time I have tried it tonight and omg its amazing the cream I am using e45 has made it worse because it has parrafin in it -____-

  14. I have used the oatmeal bath twice so far and I find it to be working very very well my son’s Eczema has decreased so much since I have gave him the oatmeal bath plus I use the steroid cream and Aveeno moisturizing cream right after the bath its really working. I would reccomend this to anyone =)

  15. I’ve been trying to find out the specifics of WHY this helps. I was told to put a tied sock full of oatmeal into the bath with my young daughter because she has vaginal irritation (from not wiping properly when going potty.) How does the oatmeal help with irritation?

  16. I remember about 35 years ago I had it on the lower part between my fingers. Everytime I would Accidentally spread open my fingers and it would start bleeding and it really hurt alot. I went to the doctor and he gave me something in a powder form, don’t remember what it was but I would add it to a bowl of water and I would soak my hands in it for around 15 minutes. It worked and took around a couple days to see good results.

  17. There seems to be alot of discussion about topical treatments for eczema. Although I agree with this, I wonder if there should be more focus on what is actually causing the eczema, such as food or environmental triggers?

    1. I’ve read all your comments and will take them all into consideration – But I’m just wondering if anyone else has tried these remedies on psoriasis?

      I suffer from it really quite bad (I’m at the point where I cry myself to sleep because the dry patches leave me in agony). I bought some oatmeal today to take home and try the bath with – I’ve tried almost everything else.

      I tend to agree with Wesley though. Surely there has to be something diet or environmental related that triggers the dryness to come out. I eat quite healthy (inc heaps of fresh vegies every night) and I understand the cold is a problem, but surely this can’t cause such a dramatic turn in my skin!


  18. I found the chloramine they add to the water aggravates sensitive skin. For baths, though, there is a simple solution: sprinkle some Vit C powder in the tub. I do it at the beginning as I start filling the tub, and after it’s done I let it sit for extra 10 min with a bath vent on and/or open window for the fumes to dissipate (it does stink rather potent – all the ammonia and chlorine vit C kicks out of the water). There are vit C shower filters,darn expensive though.

  19. i had eczema when i was 13. being a girl makes it really hard for me.ive tried a lot of treatments but they just keep recurring in the same spots.i’d have attacks that lasts for weeks,even months, and now,for a year. ive been to a lot of specialists and different lotions,creams,antihistamines, soaps, and topical steriods for years. my flares up would be gone after a day of treatment but would come back in a week or a month. i went to a new dermatologist yesterday and the results were looking up. i try to take a lot of vitamins,especially for the skin. my dermatologist recommend that i shower 10 minutes AT MOST. more than that and your skin will dry. apply oatmeal oil after shower, and another layer of oatmeal lotion. i was advised by my dermatologist to avoid CITRUS FRUITS, POULTRY, SEAFOOD (except for milkfish), DAIRY, and INSTANT/JUNK FOODS. eat as much fresh veggies and fruits as you can. detox and drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins and to keep your skin hydrated. HYDRATION IS THE KEY AS ECZEMA SUFFERERS HAVE EXTREMELY DRY AND SENSITIV SKIN.

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