April 21, 2024

We are sitting around watching Biggest Loser tonight and as usual the show is making me hungry.

I know that I am not alone in this but people everytime that we watch Biggest Loser I immediately look for snack foods in our pantry.

Left to my own devices I am dangerous in the kitchen – well the pantry with its crap anyway.

appleFortunately my wife has trained us well. There is always a healthy choice in the house and although I wouldn’t ever think of eating a tub of ice cream, I don’t even think that would be an option.

Instead we have lightly buttered popcorn, apples, pears, and other great snacks. I really believe as well that it is important not to eat much at all after dinner. Eating later at night just messes up my sleep and makes me hungry and groggy in the morning.

Usually we will eat dinner earlier, around 5:30 or so and then after dinner and after cleaning up the kitchen I like to go for a workout or a walk and then there is just not a lot of evening to worry about eating a lot, just a bit of a snack is all.

How about you? Do you eat a lot after dinner? I would love to hear some evening eating habits from other people as well

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