May 19, 2024

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I have stopped eating in the evening and anyone that knows me would know that when it comes to eating I like to do it a lot.

It seems that now that we have been not eating in the evenings after 7:00 I have gotten more and more used to it and do not even think about or notice not eating. Evenings were my favorite time to eat food that was bad for me and now that is gone.

I have not worked out my calorie intake for the day in a long time but I suspect that now I am eating most of my calories by about noon (I tend to have an early lunch). Most loss programs will have you eat most of your calories earlier in the day so that you have a chance to burn them as opposed to eating late in the day which will have the food turn to fat as you sleep.

One of the early side effects of this not eating in the evening was that I was having some trouble sleeping through the night. If that was the case or not I am now sleeping through the night again so my body seems to have adjusted.

The one other problem that I was worried about was being really hungry in the morning. I tend to get up and drink water but don’t get food for an hour or so. I haven’t been overly hungry in the morning.

Now my next challenge will be the rest of my junk food. I eat a lot of my junk by noon everyday so this will be the next spot on my hit list to try to get under control.

3 thoughts on “Update on not eating in the evening

  1. You should be hungry in the morning. Most people are not, because they eat too much late at night. Good for you!

  2. Well, they say you should not eat 2-4 hours before you go to bed because your metabolism drops in the evening. but, in the morning it is very important to eat something you have to break the fast from sleeping and start up your metabolism. If you are not that hungary eat a hard boiled egg or something very light. Do not count on processed food even if it is a granola bar they are not healthy for you. eat lots and lots of veggies you need all your trace minerals plus when eating your veggies raw it takes more calories to digest the food then the calorie content of the food itself.

  3. I’ve read the section on metabolism boosting foods, but I’ve yet to find anything on snacks (other than fruit). Is there any healthy snacks out there?

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