May 24, 2024

Tried and trusted exercise bikes have been a fitness companion for many people for years. They are simple piece of equipment and you can use them any time and do not need to prepare too much before you leap on!

They give your legs a fantastic workout and condition your cardiovascular fitness too. They are great if you already enjoy cycling but live in a very built up area and want to avoid the traffic.

Exercise bikes build your athletic fitness and leg muscles in particular. Leg muscles are the strongest in the body so exercising them will lead to an improvement in many areas of your fitness, especially running and walking, playing with the kids and running up the stairs. One of the most brutal machines for getting fit on is an assault bike. It combines both the arms and legs and will push your cardio levels to the extreme end of the scale. Click here if you want to get more detail about the electric mini bike.

Your stamina improves tremendously and using an exercise bike allows you to build up stamina safely because, unlike with running for example, there is no impact. By doing only two sessions a week and increasing the length of session and resistance per session, you will start to notice the difference after the first week and you will be able to run or walk longer distances too.

Exercise Bikes

If you want to train for an event there are many settings on exercise bikes to help you. They can simulate a race with different resistances to help you build up your distance and speed over time. You can program you own course or use the default on the bike.

All exercise bikes will increase your fitness levels, however there are a myriad of features to make it more exciting and here are few to get you thinking.

Types of Exercise Bikes

The two main types are upright and recumbent.

Upright bikes are the most common and you ride it just like a normal bike in the same upright position. Your legs are in front a little and you are leaning forward to hold the handlebars.

Recumbent bikes mean you are leaning back onto a padded backrest. Many feel this position is far more comfortable if you are riding for a long time. This bike also comes recommended if you are recovering from back or knee injuries.

Some features to look for include magnetic resistance pedaling motion. This uses magnets to add resistance when you pedal. It will feel like you are dragging something along behind you, giving a more challenging workout.

Exercise Bike Accessories

A heart rate monitor is essential to get a measurement of how hard your heart is working. The bike detects your pulse usually through special sensitive pads on the handlebars. The most effective exercising heart rate for most of us is roughly 70 to 80% of your maximum.

A good digital display is essential to inform you of your distance traveled, your speed and time. Look for controls near the display area which let you change the program or make a new one.

So whether you want to get fit, lose weight, train for an event or even just have fun, there will be a range of exercise bikes out there to choose from to support your healthy lifestyle.

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