April 24, 2024

In today’s “I want it now” society, is it any wonder more and more people are searching for that magic pill that will not only offer fast weight loss, but painless weight loss as well?

Fast weight loss is likely something you’ve toyed with a million times, and many people aim to accomplish but only a few really figure out the facts of how to actually make it happen.

Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

Fast Weight Loss
Fast Weight Loss

In the judgment of many people fast weight loss is linked up with starving or consuming a bunch of drugs because marketers have succeeded in creating the perception that in order to lose weight quickly you have to follow a strict diet or purchase a miracle product.

In fact, if you believe the crap put out there by some books, magazines and television, it may seem like your ideal body is precisely one diet or gizmo away.

Fast weight loss is neither the most beneficial nor the safest way to lose excess weight, however when someone who’s overweight starts to see results immediately they are more likely to stick to a plan, and that’s a good thing.

The problem is that losing weight quickly is typically unhealthy and difficult, if not out of the question, to sustain in the end.

It’s frequently too good to be true because it’s not true fat loss that will stay off, just off for a bit and then you will gain weight again.

Avoid Diet Pills for Fast Weight Loss

During periods of starving yourself and usage of diet pills, more water is lost than fat, and this is why the weight loss is often deceiving.

The key is to increase the power of your body to burn fat and calories by increasing your metabolism through exercise.

You reach your desired body by burning more calories than you take in. The best exercise for fast weight loss is any kind that will raise your heart rate by at least 60% and keep it going for 20 minutes or so.

The trouble with using exercise alone to try and achieve fast weight loss is that it doesn’t always provide immediate results, as it usually takes at least a couple of weeks before you notice any measurable changes in your body.

The reason for this is because fat weighs less than muscle. During regular exercise, fat is converted to muscle so the scales won’t show any significant loss from exercise. A tape measure is a much more accurate indicator of progress than the scales.

It takes a delicate balance of diet and nutrition to keep from burning muscle along with the fat, and this is where the problem comes in.

Lifestyle Change is Critical For Fast Weight Loss

The quickest weight loss is achieved not only by dieting and exercise, but by changing the whole lifestyle and perspective of a person.

The first thing you should have is a positive state of mind because you’re going to have to limit or give up completely some of the foods you’ve been accustomed to.

It’s tough. If you haven’t got the willpower to be able to avoid eating certain foods or to push yourself to exercise, then you are running against a brick wall.

The biggest problem is that it takes extraordinary efforts in diet and exercise that are usually not sustainable over the long term, and the weight quickly comes back once you stop trying so hard.

That’s where the lifestyle change comes into play. Adopting new eating and exercise habits will not only help you drop the pounds, but keep them off later.

If the image of your new body isn’t enough motivation, adding hypnosis to the equation will increase your willpower, self-control and discipline.

I want to reiterate one thing here. Fast weight loss although possible can be unhealthy and is very much related to a complete lifestyle change.

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