April 25, 2024
alli review
Alli Review

Jessica Carreras recently wrote this Alli review article for the Michigan Journal about her results in using Alli , the new wonder diet pill that I have written about before. As we all really suspect from a fitness standpoint this pill is not going to help you lose if you are not taking care of yourself with a great diet and daily exercise.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Hydroxy Cut – and the newest loss miracle? Hello, Alli. This in fact a first person Alli review

Praised as a miraculous “fat blocker” that helps women to lose 50 percent more when on a diet, Alli has received lots of criticism lately because of allegations that it may cause, er, unpleasant side effects to the tune of fecal incontinence. Indeed, on the bottle, it warns potential users to begin using Alli on a day that you can be at home near a bathroom, just in case. Yikes. Anyway here is an Alli review from someone that used it for a week.

Alli Review Experiences

So here’s my confession, and I say that because I am somewhat ashamed: I tried it. What can I say? I was curious and my shorts haven’t fit so well this summer. Plus, my mom was footing the bill because she wanted to try it too. In my defense, it was her idea.

Shame aside, I’m here to quell the rumors and spill the beans about this miracle loss pill. No pun intended.

I have to admit, I was deathly afraid of Alli the first day I took it. My mom and I would call each other every couple of hours asking if the other had “experienced any side effects,” i.e. was either of us in need of a Depends and a change of clothes. To our pleasant surprise, neither had. In fact, neither of us felt any different at all, good or bad.

So I took my pills, three a day, and turned down the McDonalds and the cookies for fear that I would regret them later in more ways than one.

One Week on Alli

To keep the story short, it’s just over a week later and I told my mom she can keep her Alli to herself. The reason? Yesterday was our weigh in. Yep, you guessed it. No fecal incontinence, but no loss either. Even my mom, who I’ll admit has a much healthier diet and stronger resolve than I (midnight Taco Bell runs, anyone?), didn’t shed a pound. Okay, so it’s only been one week. But still.

I didn’t necessarily quit because it wasn’t working, although I’ll admit that I’m among the millions of women waiting for that miracle pill. I quit because it made me afraid to eat and, quite frankly, I love eating. When we entered into the Web site that we hadn’t lost any , it told us that obviously, we needed to eat even less fat. Smaller pants size be damned. I’m sick of salads.

The bottom line: It’s not worth the hefty price tag, or the fear. Really, though, most loss plans aren’t. If I really reach a point where I am determined to lose weight, I’m confident that I know how to on my own. I don’t need a book or a Web site or a bottle of pills to tell me that grilled chicken is a better choice than Pizza Hut, or that taking the stairs burns more calories than eating a doughnut while riding the elevator.

And I certainly don’t need a loss pill that makes me afraid to eat French fries but doesn’t help me lose any . Goodbye, Alli.

So what did you think about this Alli review? Have you tried Alli? If you have why not add your own Alli review in the comments of this post.

38 thoughts on “First person Alli review

  1. Hello after reading the comments on this post I am happy to provide everyone with some information about a new diet supplement Mirafit. The company is a client of ours and we would like to provide everyone with more information to help achieve your loss goals.

    A little about the product: Mirafit FBCx is NOT is a “miracle” drug or magic pill. It is NOT going to make you lose 5 or 10 pounds a week, 25 pounds a month, or just “melt” away fat.

    What it WILL do is help you reduce your dietary intake by about 500 calories a day, allowing you to lose 1 to 1½ pounds a week. That may not sound like a lot – but consider that within a year, you could lose 50 pounds or more. And, you will do it safely, without being on stimulants, uppers, diuretics, or any of the other gimmicky ingredients. You will do it without having to buy expensive pre-packaged foods, or go on some restrictive eating plan that you will – ultimately – give up on.

  2. The thing with Alli is that if you stick to the diet you do not have the side effects. I went on it at the same time as a group of friends and only the people who ate poorly had a problem. I am not a doctor so i can’t say anything about the pills themselves but i thought the plan worked great.
    The online tools were really helpful when it came to making a real lifestyle change. You didn’t even need to get the pills to get access to the resources on their website. My husband signed up and now he is doing that part with me!
    Obviously you need to eat well and exercise but i have to say the Alli Plan works.
    We wanted to get healthy before starting a family to stop the tend. i am now down 65lbs and my husband has lost 42lbs!
    The point being their is no miracle pill but as a system this worked for us.

  3. I have always wanted to try this product but I am now thinking twice. I have been on a low fat low calorie diet with exercise. I have lost 11 lbs in my first month. I think I will keep doing what I am doing and spare myself the expense of Alli.

  4. Come on!!!! Low fat diet, less daily calories and work out !!! You do not need Alli to lose , Alli is like a placevo pill just to make you feel better in your diet,

  5. I started taking Alli one week ago after thinking about it for several months. I work in an office and was very worried about side effects. However, I am following the plan exactly as the material says, and I have lost three pounds and have not had any side effects. So far I am very glad that I finally decided to try it!

  6. I have been on it for 5 days. No accidents at all. As long as you stay below your fat allowance, you will be ok. Have not weighed yet.

  7. I have been on Alli for 6 days now and I have lost 6.5 pounds. You do have to watch your fat intake and the ONLY time I had the “treatment effects” were when we went out to the restaurant and well i guess it wasnt as low fat as they claimed. Other than that when Im on my own at home preparing my own meals I have had no issues. I do my daily exercise of riding the stationary bike and I chase little ones 14-18 hours a day doing my in home childcare. Im pretty pleased with it so far. Cant wait to get to my goal!

  8. I have been on Alli for four months with a 25 pound loss. Now, I seem to be having bad hemaroiods. I can say it helped me loose . It is scary.

  9. If you ever get the orange Alli stained under wear i found that my facial wash is the best thing to use for the stain.I tried every thing and i grabbed it without thinking one day and it worked like a charm!

  10. You can’t have read everything before you started taking this or you’d see that it is taking off an average of 200-300 calories per day, which when you compare it to the the calorie potential stored in a pound of fat(~3500 calories) you’ll see why taking it for 3 days didn’t do anything for you.

    This pill will not magically do anything, and really you wouldn’t want something that did. If you are already eating a low fat diet, you’ll only be dropping an extra 1-2 lbs every 2 weeks. If you have to cut the fat you eat, that will help more. If you add excersize, that’ll help more.

  11. Guys, the directions say go for 3-6mile walk a day… if u went from doing nothing at all to walking that a day of course you are going to lose !!!!!! If you are dieting when on this you are going to lose .. so somehow i dont believe its the pills that are doing this for ye!!! Unless someone has done this without dieting and exercise and lost i rest my case!

  12. I have been on Alli for about a month now and I have lost 4 pounds. I took the Alli pill before each meal (per directions) and I took an extra one if I decided to have a big snack. My doctor recommended a high-fiber supplement to reduce the side effects and so I bought ProFibe on Amazon.com. I did not have any of the side effects except for gas but that subsided after a couple of weeks. I also walk between 3 to 6 miles a day (again per directions).

    I do need to go to the restroom more often, but it’s more of a minor inconvenience than it is a side effect.

    So the point I’m making, if you follow the directions, Alli will work.

  13. This is my 3rd day on Alli, and finally got the side-effects… “go” more often and oily toilet bowl. but no yellow spot panties….hoo….

    I was so scared to talk the pill after I read many review on the horrible side effects. but, I tried. Seriously, it was not that bad. it just make you go to the toilet more often.

    I do not have any loss yet…..but this journey goes forever. I will have a try for 2or 3 weeks to see if it worth the price of the pills and the toilet paper.

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