February 28, 2024
alli review
Alli Review

Jessica Carreras recently wrote this Alli review article for the Michigan Journal about her results in using Alli , the new wonder diet pill that I have written about before. As we all really suspect from a fitness standpoint this pill is not going to help you lose if you are not taking care of yourself with a great diet and daily exercise.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Hydroxy Cut – and the newest loss miracle? Hello, Alli. This in fact a first person Alli review

Praised as a miraculous “fat blocker” that helps women to lose 50 percent more when on a diet, Alli has received lots of criticism lately because of allegations that it may cause, er, unpleasant side effects to the tune of fecal incontinence. Indeed, on the bottle, it warns potential users to begin using Alli on a day that you can be at home near a bathroom, just in case. Yikes. Anyway here is an Alli review from someone that used it for a week.

Alli Review Experiences

So here’s my confession, and I say that because I am somewhat ashamed: I tried it. What can I say? I was curious and my shorts haven’t fit so well this summer. Plus, my mom was footing the bill because she wanted to try it too. In my defense, it was her idea.

Shame aside, I’m here to quell the rumors and spill the beans about this miracle loss pill. No pun intended.

I have to admit, I was deathly afraid of Alli the first day I took it. My mom and I would call each other every couple of hours asking if the other had “experienced any side effects,” i.e. was either of us in need of a Depends and a change of clothes. To our pleasant surprise, neither had. In fact, neither of us felt any different at all, good or bad.

So I took my pills, three a day, and turned down the McDonalds and the cookies for fear that I would regret them later in more ways than one.

One Week on Alli

To keep the story short, it’s just over a week later and I told my mom she can keep her Alli to herself. The reason? Yesterday was our weigh in. Yep, you guessed it. No fecal incontinence, but no loss either. Even my mom, who I’ll admit has a much healthier diet and stronger resolve than I (midnight Taco Bell runs, anyone?), didn’t shed a pound. Okay, so it’s only been one week. But still.

I didn’t necessarily quit because it wasn’t working, although I’ll admit that I’m among the millions of women waiting for that miracle pill. I quit because it made me afraid to eat and, quite frankly, I love eating. When we entered into the Web site that we hadn’t lost any , it told us that obviously, we needed to eat even less fat. Smaller pants size be damned. I’m sick of salads.

The bottom line: It’s not worth the hefty price tag, or the fear. Really, though, most loss plans aren’t. If I really reach a point where I am determined to lose weight, I’m confident that I know how to on my own. I don’t need a book or a Web site or a bottle of pills to tell me that grilled chicken is a better choice than Pizza Hut, or that taking the stairs burns more calories than eating a doughnut while riding the elevator.

And I certainly don’t need a loss pill that makes me afraid to eat French fries but doesn’t help me lose any . Goodbye, Alli.

So what did you think about this Alli review? Have you tried Alli? If you have why not add your own Alli review in the comments of this post.

38 thoughts on “First person Alli review

  1. To all the people who took it for a week, you are idiots, it will not work that fast. The results took about 1.5 months, i am down from around 78 to 74kg. I eat sensibly and dont drink, my work involves a lot of walking so i am sure that has helped. The side effects go away after about 3 days whilst your body balances itself. I reckon that there is a lof of flatulence though, no more wet ones for a while now (though i am very careful everytime i let her rip: just in case!)

  2. Alli calls side effects “treatment effects” and so as a result you may get:

    “gas with oily spotting”

    You’ll be farting Wesson oil straight through your Dockers.

  3. I have had bleeding from my anus due to the Alli pill causing me to “go” more often. I have developed three hemorrhoids and my Dr. has advised me to stop taking the pill. The side effects are not worth it!

  4. How can this person write a review about something she tried for a week?! That is ridiculous!!! I just wanted to slap her silly after she wrote this:

    “The bottom line: It’s not worth the hefty price tag, or the fear. Really, though, most loss plans aren’t. If I really reach a point where I am determined to lose , I’m confident that I know how to on my own. I don’t need a book or a Web site or a bottle of pills to tell me that grilled chicken is a better choice than Pizza Hut, or that taking the stairs burns more calories than eating a doughnut while riding the elevator.

    And I certainly don’t need a loss pill that makes me afraid to eat French fries but doesn’t help me lose any . Goodbye, Alli.”

    Well “hello” bigger pants!!! I mean come on lady…she says she doesn’t need a book or pills to tell her what is better for her to eat….the bottom line is that she is LAZY!!! “AFRAID to eat french fries”…hello!!! the french fries are what got you to need to lose in the first place!!!! UGH!!! If you are not going to take the loss plan seriously and only use it for one week then don’t write a review on it!! Plain and simple.

    I get annoyed with people who want to find a quick fix…it took 5 years to gain 50 or 100 lbs but they want to see results in a WEEK!!! PFFT!!! Yeah okay…thats going to happen. Eat right, make good choices, get ur butt in a gym, and voila the will fall off.

  5. My Doctor suggested Alli. He said to take more fiber if you have side effects such as gas or loose bowels. I havent tried it yet but am thinking about it.

  6. I would say the imprtant thing with Alli is that you need to be aware of the types of foods that are being eaten whilst taking it. It is a very tight system that needs to be followed rigarously.

  7. I was on Xenical a few years ago and didn’t modify my diet and I had a mess in my pants everyday.

    I am on alli and I have modified my diet with very little fat. Actually, this is working very well for me. No problem with any mess, but occassionally have an urgency to go.

    I have cut out potatoe chips, candy, cookies, ice cream, cheese and anything with high fat including olive oil. I don’t miss the foods since I’ve started eating fat free crackers, pretzels, salsa, bread, and lots of deli turkey. I’ve also increased my exercise. Looking to loose 40 pounds and I feel confident with alli I will make it in about 5 months.

  8. I bought Alli from http://www.naturallyhealthyone.com and lost almost 15lbs in about 4 weeks. I had no side effects I felt great.

    I was also on a diet and going to the gym 4 days a week doing cardio for about a half hour each day to burn some of the energy. I felt it held up to it Rep.

  9. I have just gotten on Alli this past week and am following the meal plan. I am not having any of the horrible symptoms (yet). I am following the regime very strictly and had little gas from it. I am sure if I were to eat something like pizza (like I use to in quantity) I would feel like I am going to die.

    As for behavior moidification, in a way the sort of “Pavlov Effect” of this program can help some folks. I do not feel all diet plans are for everyone as there are way too many variables.

    Without me bantering any further, do the research and no matter what you do, find a wholistic balance.

    If I get any side-effect or something changes I will return to this site to update the info as I feel this is important.

  10. This is great to hear. Of course it is important to eat well when using Alli and I am sure that Fried foods would be horrible to eat when you are taking Alli

  11. I’ve used Alli since last year, but am on a maintenace now & do not use it as much now. It worked wonders for me. The only time I had treatment effects was when I ate really fatty foods-ribs or the like. I was already on a healthy diet, but Alli helped me take & keep off my last 12lbs of baby fat. My friend does not use it, but it is because she is not willin to stop the fried foods.

  12. I started taking alli in the beginning of december. I also started waking/jogging for 4-5 days a week, and eating better foods. I am happy to report that i have lost about 21 pounds as of today. I know that wieght loss should be a slow progress, so i am realistic in my expectations. I am happy with alli and also feel much healthier now than 3 months ago. I am getting stronger and more determined every day. good luck to all of you. Wieght loss is very challenging, but if you stick to a more healthy way of life, all around, you will be successful. I also recommend that you read Dr. Oz’s book, “You on a diet”. It sheds a lot of light on the whole wieght loss process. It is a great book.

  13. Hi, I bought Alli about seven months ago, but decided that I wasn’r prepared to take on loss at the time. I have been taking it now for two weeks, and have had no side effects. I have lost 8 pounds so far. I have to tell you that when I read your review it made me giggle a bit. Did you read ALL the information in the starter pack? Did you follow ALL of the guidlines? Did you exercise? If not, I find it strange of you to even say anything about Alli, positive or negative, as you haven’t really used it properly.

  14. wow. you gave it 3 days and thought you would have lost ? you have no clue. i lost 40 lbs without any pills or anything. all you have to do is figure out how many calories youre supposed to eat according to you BMI. then eat 200-500 less per day. it takes a few months. this is the only way to lose . everything else is a fad and even the things that DO make you lose , you gain it all back plus some when you stop.

  15. You are silly to say it does not work – lets face it – Reduce calorie intake – Lose …..this just gives a “BOOST” Becuase you stopped the mid night taco bell runs – doesn’t mean you ate well during the day….Your claim is so Rediculous…..1 week is meaningless…….Thats whats wrong w/Americans – always looking for some quick magic pill – Get out walk, run , exercise and stop SUPER SIZING!!!

  16. I really dont think you can base an experience on only one week of use. Losing takes time and dedication. After all you did not gain the in a week so you cant expect it to start falling off in a week.

  17. I tried Alli and had good results. I did not experience any of the side effects and did get a boost in loss. I stopped using it temporarily after about 4 weeks because I decided to stop trying to lose , and I didn’t want to risk having treatment effects since I wouldn’t be keeping track of the fat grams per meal.

    I appreciate your review, though because I think this just goes to show how different everyone’s response is to an food, drug, or supplement.

    Again, thanks a lot for your honesty.
    I’ll be sure to check you out again.

  18. i have had no loss with alli but i have had terrible side effects. i had to wear pad due to leakage and i still have ended up with permanent orange stains on a lot of underwear.

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