April 23, 2024

I just got these great little tips that I thought you could use from some personal trainers. They are from respected Personal Trainers Anthony Farmer and Glenn Hicks Jr. merge their unique physical training styles to create The Lab, a high-end fitness boutique facility in San Diego. Because nutrition plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, Farmer and Hicks have partnered with Optimal Nutrition Inc (www.optimalnutritioninc.com), an organic custom meal delivery company based in San Diego known for their delicious and popular 91 Bars.

Glenn Hicks JrFarmer and Hicks personal trainer take a holistic and hardcore approach to training that results in real internal correction and health from the inside out.  With a strict regimen of intelligent training and nutrition through Optimal Nutrition Inc., they work with their personal trainers clients to achieve and maintain permanent lifestyle changes in their appearance, strength, dedication and most importantly, overall health, they even suggest their clients to look for clean label products,

What you put in, you get out – here are the personal trainers top three tips on Fitness nutrition:

  1. Just because you eat well during the week, doesn’t mean you can go blow it during the weekend eating pizza and burgers with alcohol and expect to lose weight. If you put 100% into destroying your body what makes you think putting 80% trying to rebuild it will work.
  2. When going out to eat, just because the menu says chicken doesn’t exactly mean healthy! What is put into preparing it as well as what’s on top of it makes all the difference.
  3. Eating no food all day and then drinking a protein shake does not mean your body is ready to handle a full-blown workout. You wouldn’t try to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles with less than a quarter of a tank and make it. So why should your body do it?

Get real, it takes work – here are their top five fitness tips the personal trainers live by:

  1. Be realistic.. Rome was not built in a day… so therefore if you are 1 month from an important date and you need to lose 20 pounds then you need to give up the fantasy.. if you do lose 20 pounds in a month then the damage that you will do to your system will be long lasting and the results short lived.
  2. Stop watching infomercials and get off your butt and research what you really need for yourself. Those commercials have disclaimers for a reason. 90% of the people who start these programs fail because they get caught up in the hype of the commercial.
  3. Do not start your workout with a Gatorade bottle in your hand (you have to expel nutrients before you replenish them) Gatorade and power drinks are not substitutes for water!!!!!
  4. Seek help!!! would you do heart surgery on yourself.  Being successful in this loss, muscle gain race is tricky work. Hire a professional to help you.
  5. If the health and fitness professional or personal trainers that you have hired seems like a nut job 10-1, then he or she is. Remember this industry is not regulated so anyone can get out of prison and take an online course and call himself a personal trainer and run you through their very own prison yard workout and you can hurt yourself. Be selective and find the professionals.

These guys are great personal trainers. In fact they have teamed up and are training people in California together and I hope that we get more tips and tricks from the personal trainers team of Anthony Farmer and Glenn Hicks Jr.

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