March 2, 2024

From the LA Daily News. I jumped up when I saw this article as it hits all the important points to look for in a personal trainer:

Working with a personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. Before you hire one, keep the following tips in mind.

What to Look for In a Trainer

What to look for in a trainer
What to look for in a trainer

Looking for a trainer? Ask around. “We’re the ones in the gym all the time,’ says fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who keeps a personal database of local trainers. “Trainers are going to know who is good because we’re all colleagues.’

Consider hiring a fitness trainer at your gym. They will be familiar with your facility, and you can always seek redress from management should a problem arise. “There’s absolutely a bonus to hiring someone at your facility,’ says personal trainer Kathy Kaehler. “It helps you move along and helps you change your workout.’

Ask for a free or low-cost introductory session. “Spend time with the trainer before you put up money,’ says Allen Saltzman, co-owner of Topanga Training and Fitness in Woodland Hills. “Have a meeting with him or her or ask for a 30-minute session for free. The best idea is to talk to a trainer and ask the trainer some questions. After three sessions with a trainer you should have a really good idea if you like and respect the trainer and whether he or she will take you where you want to go.’

Fitness Trainer Certifications

Ask your trainer about his/her fitness certification. Most commercial gyms require their trainers to be certified by a reputable agency such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine. “I like it when someone asks me about my certification because it means they’re serious,’ says Kaehler, who holds a bachelor of science degree in physical education from Hope College in Michigan and is certified through the American Council of Exercise.

Expect professional respect and courtesy. “Watch how they deal with their clients; the language they use,’ advises Jenkins. “They shouldn’t speak over their clients or speak down to them.’

Workouts should be enjoyable and challenging. “There should be a fun factor,’ Jenkins says. “If you’re not having fun, eventually you’re going to stop seeing that trainer.’

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