March 5, 2024

I have not written too much about this program in the past but Tom Venuto, who is famous for Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, is launching a new program called Holy Grail Body Transformation.

The 2016 version of this program has just launched and as part of this Tom has been giving out free reports letting people see a glimpse of what there is in the program.

Free Burning Fat and Building Muscle Reports

free burning fat reportsThis is what is included in these free reports. Grab them today before they are gone!

The End of Bulking How to gain muscle without losing Fat – Maybe the only thing worse than never having seen your abs
is having great abs and then losing them…And it happens all the time. As challenging as it is to carve out a six pack, many people do eventually achieve that goal. Then, satisfied with their level of leanness, they decide it’s time to shift gears and start adding some muscle. That’s when it (abdominal definition) all starts going downhill. You see, most people don’t know how to gain muscle without gaining back the body fat along with it.

Never Lose Muscle Again: How To Lose 100% Pure Fat – The top 3 muscle-retaining factors that determine whether you’ll lose muscle or keep your muscle on a fat loss diet (they are very simple, but you can’t dispute their truth or importance)

  • 13 NEW fat loss research discoveries from scientists at the National Instutite of Health and how you can use them to lose more fat without losing muscle
  • Why over people have totally different physiologies than lean people or even people with “average” body fat… and why you MUST adjust your nutrition according to your current body fat level
  • The New Rules of Cutting Calories: if you’re still cutting “500 calories a day to lose 1 pound per week” or cutting “1000 calories per day to lose 2 pounds per week” you might be completely sabotaging yourself .. find out why!

50 Body-Sabotaging Mistakes – Inside this FREE report , you’ll discover:

  • The short-cut to bypassing weeks, months or even years or frustratingly slow progress and reach your fat loss, muscle-building or body-shaping goals faster than you ever thought possible
  • Other people have already cracked the code on body transformation… see how you can easily “copy and paste” the mental and physical success strategies of those who already succeeded (why re-invent the wheel?)
  • How to find the one “bottleneck” that’s been choking off your progress for months or years…and how to fix it

I will try to put up a review of the program before it comes out. Tom has given me some info on this new plan that I can blog or post to you 🙂

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