May 24, 2024

How to get rid of gallstones probably is easiest with a simple gall bladder flush.

Yes simple – not the nicest way to spend a Saturday perhaps but for most people who want to know how to get rid of gallstones it is better than needing surgery somewhere down the line.

What are Gallstones?

gallstonesGallstones are pieces of solid material that form in the gallbladder. These stones develop because cholesterol and pigments in bile sometimes form hard particles.

The two main types of gallstones are:

Cholesterol stones: Usually yellow-green in color, approximately 80% of gallstones are cholesterol stones.
Pigment stones: These stones are smaller and darker and are made up of bilirubin.

Gall Bladder Flush To Get Rid of Gallstones

How to get rid of gallstones – First, loosen the stones by drinking an 8 oz glass of apple juice morning and evening for 4-6 weeks. This is a very important step and you should not skip it and try to do the flush right away, it just will not work.

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The best kind of apple juice for a Gall Bladder flush is home made by putting organic apples through a juicer. Next best, buy organic apple juice from a health food store.

It must be made from whole apples, not concentrate, with no added sugar or other additives, and not the kind that will keep for months.

Try to eat healthy foods during these 4-6 weeks. In particular, make sure you are getting enough fiber so that your digestive system and bowels are working well before your gall bladder flush. This may mean increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables above the famous ‘5 a day’.

Gall Bladder Flush for One Day

Then you will need to set aside a day when you are home with no commitments. You are going to need to be in or near a bathroom most of the day.

The day before, you will do a short semi-fast. You will not eat any solid food this day. Drink your apple juice in the morning as usual and you can have another glass at lunchtime if you want.

How To Get Rid Of Gallstones – Juice Fast

If you have not done a juice fast before, do not worry, it is not as difficult as it may sound. Any time you feel yourself tempted to eat other foods, just remind yourself that it is only for one day and it needs to be done for the sake of your health.

A lot of people do juice-only fasts of 1 to 7 days as a regular thing. In fact, there is even a fashion right now of 90 day ‘juice feasting’ where no solid food is eaten for 3 months. So you can do it for just one day, right?

In the evening, before going to bed, drink 8 oz of organic extra virgin olive oil mixed with 4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice from actual whole lemons. This mixture tastes something like salad dressing.

You will probably need about 4 lemons, depending on size and juiciness. Do not use bottled lemon juice.

Gall Bladder Flush Using a Laxative

In the morning (at least 8 hours later) take a fast-acting natural laxative (as your gall bladder flush), either epsom salts or 10 oz citrate of magnesia (not milk of magnesia). You should then expect to need the bathroom often for several hours because you are going to have diarrhea.

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In with the diarrhea you should find that you pass many little green stones like small peas. These are the gall stones.

Congratulations, you have successfully done a Gall Bladder Flush!

This process may be helpful for healthy adults but is not recommended for anybody needing medical attention. If you have any health issues consult your doctor before using this Gall bladder flush or other natural remedies. If you want to know how to get rid of gallstones then a gall bladder flush is your best answer.

8 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Gallstones

  1. as of now i have a 2 gallstone in my gallblader. i want to know 100% ba na once mag take ako ng liver flush makakatulong ito na malaki para di ako maoperahan. saan ba nabibile yang gallblader flush na yan at magkano?

  2. I was detected multiple gallstones in my gallbladder of collectively size 12.5 mm in Jan 2010 (I had tried three different radiologist and get three different reports from them. Two are saying there are multiple stones in my gallbladder and one is saying there is one calcified stone of size more then 10.5 mm). I had gone through many gallbladder attacks that time (probably 35-40 attacks from Nov 2009 to May 2010). This was terrible time for me. I consulted many doctors for alternative treatment other then operation but no result and no hope came from any of them. My situation was going to be worst and finally I decided for surgery. At that time I was surfing on Internet about how the stones formed in gallbladder? What is the importance of this vital organ? And how is life without gallbladder? I was shocked to read that gallbladder is such an important organ and after surgery my life is going to be dumb. Gallstones are actually formed in liver and few of stones are in gallbladder. If gallbladder will remove, the pain will go but what about liver??? I explore more and more and finally I got my destination. “Andreas moritz –The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”. I bought this book and gone through within a week. I finally decided to do the liver flush suggested in this book. I follow all the instructions thoroughly and done my first liver flush in May 2010. After first liver flush my 40-50 % symptoms has been gone within few days. Back pain, shoulder pain, allergy on my left leg has been gone. No gallbladder attack after first flush. I have got small shiny crystals like substance in my stool and no stone. I had tried second liver flush after one month in June 2010 and got many light green color stones in my stool. Food intolerance had gone after second flush and I had left antacids and dygine because I was suffering from acute acidity. In my third liver flush I have got some dark green color stones and now ready for the fourth one. Now I have no symptoms, no pain, no allergy, no gallbladder attack, no acidity since May 2010. I have changed my life style. I am taking simple and veg diet and doing Prayanam and Yoga in morning and following all the rules suggested by Andreas Mortiz in his book and Baba Ramdev. I am taking plenty of pure water everyday (this is very important because dehydration is a major cause of Gallstones) Andreas wrote in his book that 6-7 liver flushes will require cleaning complete liver and gallbladder. I have done three liver flushes so far and living healthy life. Hopefully I will save my vital organ. Kindly read this book and try Liver Flush.

    1. sir kindly suggest me the book………….i too need it. am a student of m.tec in nit,rourkela,orissa.
      i found gall stones a week before,but dont have any pain any where…………..but they are 1.23 cm and they are 3 in number.plz suggest me where to get the book and the yogas and pranayams.
      thank u.

  3. Great advice. In my case, I once had gallstones and severe gallbladder inflammation. All the doctor wanted to do was remove my gallbladder, but I had a feeling there was another way. I searched for a long time for an answer until I eventually come across this very safe, effective natural treatment:

    All I can say is that it worked for me and the pain is completely gone. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

  4. Hi there, if I may, I’d like to add in some information about another way to look into getting rid of gallstones in a natural way.
    The main causes of gall-bladder disorders may be brought about by digestive disturbances due to a regular excessive intake of foods rich in fats and carbo-hydrates. They can also be brought on by disturbances of the liver and gall-bladder.
    Meals rich in fats may cause an attack of gall-bladder pain or gall-stone colic. Often the disorder is caused by a diet rich in refined carbohydrates such as white flour and white sugar. Poor health, hereditary factors, stress, spinal displacements, bad posture and muscular tension may also cause gall-bladder disorders.
    Surgery becomes necessary if the gall-stones are very large or in cases in which they have been present for long. Smaller gall-stones can, however, cleared through natural methods. Diet is the basic factor in the treatment of gall bladder disorders. In cases of acute gall-bladder inflammation, fasting is recommended for two or three days, until the acute condition clears.

    Nothing but water should be taken during the fast. After the fast, the following is recommended; carrot, beet, grapefruit, lemon and grape juice for a few days. Ensure that the diet contains an adequate amount of lacto-vegetarian, consisting of raw and cooked vegetables, vegetable juices, and a moderate amount of fruit and seeds. Yogurt, cottage cheese and a tablespoon of olive oil twice a day should also be taken. Oil serves as a stimulant for the production of bile and lipase, the fat digesting enzymes. All meats, eggs, animal fats and processed and denatured fats as well as fried foods should be avoided. The diet should also exclude refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, sugar products, alcohol, soft drinks, cakes, puddings, ice-cream , coffee and citrus fruits. The patient should eat small meals at frequent intervals, rather than three large meals.

  5. I personnaly did this Gallstone flush and it WORKS!! It didn’t taste to good drinking the Apple Juice (i hate apple juice)and the epsom salts wasn’t a treat either. But the icing on the cake was drinking the twice virgin olive oil (YUK). It definitely made me pass the gall stones, there were hundreds. but one in particular was the size of my thumb in diameter. I had gone to the hospital in the middle of the night thinking i was having a Heart Attack! The Doctor said Gallstones and i had no insurance, so, for the tidy sum of $12,000.00 he could remove it. I said NO THANKS!!

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