April 24, 2024

Whether or not Angelina Jolie is your favorite movie icon, I am sure you would appreciate me telling about the simple diet regimen she used to lose for the purpose of flaunting that sexy figure you see in the movie Tomb Raider. When Jolie lost a lot of within a short amount of time, speculations were rife that she had used several unhealthy fast loss techniques such as bulimia and anorexia to get rid of all that fat.

However I didn’t believe this as I knew that Angelina, being an intelligent woman that she is, would never adopt such unhealthy loss measures. And when Angelina finally revealed the secret behind her slim and sexy figure, I had the last laugh.

Angelina Jolie
How Angelina Jolie Lost Weight

You would be surprised to learn that she didn’t use any of the so-called ‘fad diets’ which many of us are familiar with. Heck, she didn’t even pop any diet pill or supplements either. So what did she actually do? Surprise surprise. She simply followed some simple and routine loss measures most of us are aware of, but we are just too afraid to try them out.

How Did Angelina Jolie Lose the Weight?

1. She ate healthy but didn’t fast: Angelina knew very well that fasting is not going to help her lose weight. On the other hand, depriving herself totally from her favorite foods and living the life of an ascetic is also not something she was prepared for. Therefore she practiced moderate eating.

As long as you eat your meals in small portions, you won’t gain even if you happen to pop a couple of cookies once in a while. In fact, I really suggest that you eat junk foods even if just a little. If you don’t eat junk foods at all, a day would come when you, being unable to resist your cravings, would start eating fatty foods like a hungry wolf, thereby augmenting your body manifold.

2. She kicked out the bad habits and practiced health eating: If you thought Angelina never had any unhealthy habits, you are dead wrong. Not too long ago she was not only addicted to smoking but also coffee. In fact her breakfast consisted of nothing except cigarette and coffee.

However, when she took to dieting, she was forced to kick out these bad habits because they were posing a big hindrance in her way to loss success. Soon she started eating healthy breakfast consisting of natural and organic foods such as tomatoes, spinach, as well as other fresh fruits and vegetables.

She also started having beef in steamed form. Beef, especially lean beef, is high on protein and protein helps you burn fat by building strong lean muscle mass for you. She also increased her fat intake by including fishes such as salmon, tuna, etc. Unlike junk foods, the fats you get from these fishes are actually beneficial for weight loss.

Unlike what the so-called ‘ loss gurus’ would teach you, you really need carbohydrates for the purpose of loss, and Angelina knew it all too well. She also knew how to differentiate between good and bad carbs. Therefore, she discarded all the sugary foods from her diet and in their replaced them with brown bread.

Oh and she also used to consume a lot of soy milk regularly.

3. She didn’t sit idle: She knew that idleness is a person’s worst enemy, more so if you wish to acquire a flat belly at short notice. So she started indulging in intense activities such as kickboxing, scuba diving, sword fighting, etc. She also took to yoga as it also helps with fast weight loss.

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