April 23, 2024

Being January 1st I thought that it would be very important to remind people about how to join a gym. So I was listening to some sports radio guy on ESPN this morning and he was telling people:

“If you are thinking about getting in shape, don’t. Don’t go and join a gym or get in shape it’s too much trouble. One of your friends probably convinced you it was a good iea and you don’t need to do that anyway. Keep doing what you are doing”

I was a little offended by the guy until he continued:

“My workouts that take 50 minutes always take 2 hours in January when so many people join a gym. Don’t bother getting in shpae, who wants to feel better about themselves, who wnat to get complements abouot how great they look, who want to look years younger, no just stay at home in front of the TV and eat fried food, someone has to to keep the economy going buying too much bad food.”

What a great rant. Anyway, last year I wrote a series of articles aboout what to look at when you are joining a gym. Here are the links to the articles:

Joining a Health Club – The how and why of joining a gym

Joining a Health Club – The Tour – The guys at the gym put on a little dog and pony whow and it is almost worthless unless you know your priorities and ask the right questions

Choosing a health Club – Distance from Home – Where would your gym be? Close to home? Close to work?

Health Club Staff – How to know what to look for in the staff at the gym itself. Your membership si paying for the staff you should get your moneys worth.

If you are going out in the next couple of days to join a gym I think that it will really help you make a better decision to read these articles.

Good luck with the gym shopping.

2 thoughts on “Getting a gym membership

  1. Great article. I hope you help people in America get up off the couch and go exercize. It cleans the mind as well as the body, and gyms are getting easier to use, like including televisions on the stationary bikes so that you can just zone out and ride longer. Good stuff!

  2. I think getting a gym membership any time is great. Then you are more likely to continue to exercise if you have paid upfront for a year. Gyms are crowded all year round, you just have to pick a time if possible when it’s not crowded.

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