May 19, 2024

I liked this upbeat article from Cortney. Often we think that there is a tough battle, even a drudgery to getting lean and healthy but look  what she has to say and take it to heart.

You probably scoffed to yourself as you read the title, but really, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

CourtneyI blame the fitness industry for the confusion as everyone has the trick to lose 10 lbs in 10 days, get abs now, and all you have to do is eat this way, buy this gadget, take this supplement and so on and so on. Exasperated, people are always looking for the next trick to try and get results and that leads to over-complicating of what should be a very simple process. And while we may not all want the same thing, or have the same goals, a lot of the questions I get repeat over and over. I think it is because when it comes to health and fitness there is… Too much of Too little.

Health consumers encounter information overload at every turn. More info is available than ever before, yet there is so little understanding. The sheer enormity of books, TV infomercials, diets and fitness toys bring greater confusion instead of clarity. And thanks to the Google (a Google search of the ‘best diet’ yields 709 million results) knowing what information works, what is garbage and what comes from credible sources is harder than ever before.

So I wanted to take the moment to tell you one simple truth that will hopefully ease some distress and confusion: there is no RIGHT WAY to be healthy and get in the best shape of your life.

I repeat: There is no right way to be healthy and get in the best shape of your life.

You can ask me and any other professional out there: How do I get abs? How do I eat clean while working a full-time career? How do I get a toned booty? Is the paleo diet good? I can only promise one thing, that you will get 100 different answers. But have you ever thought about how so many ‘in shape’ people or so called ‘experts’ can all swear by a different way to get there? It’s because they all did one simple thing the same: They had focus, health conscious eating habits, consistency, and they moved more than they sat. Bottom line.

So don’t worry about the latest diet or workout craze. Instead:

Just Move. And Do it Often. Find workouts that you enjoy, make you sweat and are challenging. And most important, that will keep you coming back for more for long enough to see results.

Focus on eating REAL food and fueling your body (hint: it doesn’t come from a bag, box, or can). Different diets work for different people so experiment and find what works with your lifestyle and makes you look good- that simple.

Give it time. Be patient with yourself and your journey. You don’t gain 20 lbs overnight and a few days of good habits won’t take it off either. Stick with it.

When you over-focus on your food and body image, your world becomes very limited. Time and consistency win every time on the path to your goals. So, stop hunting for the latest and greatest (there is no magic pill, sorry) and start living. The real secret is to relax, believe it doesn’t have to be this hard, eat real, whole foods, workout regularly, and get good rest. Repeat.

Keep it simple. Keep it flexible. Keep it real.

Courtney Prather wants to show you how to balance fitness and fun so it doesn’t take over your life! Skip the calorie counting, hours of cardio and learn her methods of getting that beach body you want without the stress at

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