May 25, 2024

How can you be lazy and get in shape? Everyone that wants to get started, or is scared to get started working out and changing their diet to become more healthy thinks that it is a giant change in your life.

I would like to warn you not to make too much of the changes that you need to make.

Small Changes – They will add up

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You Should Eat Way more than this

Sure you need to change your diet. Sure you need to exercise but to get started in a healthy lifestyle you do not have to do much more than eat better and get 30 minutes of exercise a day.

The changes that you make have an immediate impact to make you feel better and to actually be healthier right away but you still have the opportunity to be lazy a lot of the time.

Don’t Push Too Hard – Let Your Body Change

I remember the first time that a lazy attitude to exercise first hit me. A few years ago when I started running. I had never really run before and the guys that were experienced were giving me tips.

Stretch, start slow and start getting faster every week, try to change my route to keep things interesting. And you know what the last, most important tip form the seasoned runners was.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t hurt yourself by running all the time as you get started.

When you start to exercise you are going to be working out a half hour each day, six days a week. This will not be running from dawn to dusk.

The change in your life to fitness will mean that you will wake up and work out or work out in the evening for a half an hour to get yourself in better shape and then stretch. You can even do this watching TV. Last night I did exactly that.

The other big change is your diet. Is it really so hard to eat better? No, all you need to do to actually to make eating easier and more healthy is to cook your food ahead of time.

If you spend some time making a few big meals on Saturday or Sunday and pack these up for meals for the week.

Get some Oatmeal or something as healthy for breakfast that will start you day quickly and easily. Get some meal replacement bars (low cal as you get started) and you have the makings of a lazy way to start a great diet without the hassle of cooking all the time.

So do you believe it? You can start a lazy way to get in shape and still change your life for the better.

Sure there is a time everyday that you will definitely not be lazy. If you get into action making food it will give you a bit of lazy time later. But, if you are smart, workout hard and eat right this lazy way will hep you to get in great shape without the stress that you have to give up everything in your life.

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