May 19, 2024

How can you achieve tanned and toned legs like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively and Megan Fox? Experts from The Sports Club/LA, where celebs Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and AnnaLynne McCord have all been spotted, share their advice.

“To achieve the legs you’ve always craved, abandon the traditional machines at the gym and try these moves,” suggests Rachel Ross, Advantage Trainer & TargetZone Master Trainer, West LA. “Using your body and varying planes of exercise will target more muscle fibers than a machine that confines you to a fixed path. More muscle fibers are activated and more nerve connections are formed as we use balance, momentum and ultimately power to challenge, not only these muscles, but the body holistically. Perform the following circuit twice through and twice a week to sculpt those legs into the legs you’ve always wished for!”

Getting Toned Legs

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Stand on left leg with right knee lifted high and the left arm raised in front in a letter L shape. The right arm is reaching back. Start to reach the right leg back towards a lunge and simultaneously switch your right arm up to the L position and left arm back. Lean your torso forward at the bottom of the lunge. Powerfully drive the right knee and both arms back up to the starting position, fully engaging your right glute to find stability at the top. Great for building and  getting toned legs. For an extra challenge, elevate onto the toes at the end of the movement. Perform 15-20 reps and switch sides.

Stand on the right leg and lift left knee up high. Begin to reach the left leg straight out to the side as you sit your right hip straight back, leaning forward at the hip as your descend. Check to make sure the ankle, knee and hip are all aligned. Return to the starting position. Perform 10-12 repetitions, then switch sides.

Face a cable machine with the handles set at the bottom. Stand on the right leg, left knee up high, holding both handles at your ribcage. Start to hinge forward as your left leg extends straight back with pelvis remaining neutral (both hip bones face the floor). Reach towards the cables keeping your body as a plank or a seesaw. Return to the starting position squeezing your back muscles to bring the elbows back and cables to ribcage. Perform 12-15 repetitions then switch sides.

Start with your left side facing the step and a medicine ball at your chest. Place your left foot on the step with toes facing straight forward. Sit a little over the left leg to load your left glute. (You should feel your left glute.) Step fully onto left leg raising right knee up in a balance. Looking at getting toned legs? This is a great one. As you perform this movement drive the medicine ball forward and finish in a rotation to the right. Slowly descend sitting directly back on left and returning medicine ball to the chest. Perform 10-12 repetitions and repeat on the other side.

Stand off the side of a single cable pulley holding the handle in both hands. As you squat your hips straight back, allow your arms to stretch to the side and down. From the bottom of the squat, stand up and rotate your arms away from the cable as you pivot your inside foot (the one closer to the cable), focusing on extension through hip, knee, and ankle. Slowly return to start position and repeat 12-15 repetitions per side.

Reverse Lunges are great for getting toned legs. Begin in a right leg balance with the left knee up high. Begin to lunge the left leg back as you reach your arms down to the floor. Powerfully drive the left leg back towards the start position, completing the movement with a hop on the right leg. Perform 15-20 repetitions then repeat on the other side.

Now that you are getting toned legs, why not get nice tones skin as well?

Donna Januszewski, esthetician at Splash Spa at The Sports Club/ LA recommends starting with a smooth foundation. Lipomassage, an advanced technique of Endermologie, will smooth cellulite, slim down fat cells, firm the skin and resculpt the figure. It is very relaxing, detoxifying and 100% natural.

MD Skincare Body Peel Pads are a safe effective way to improve skin’s tone, texture and clarity while promoting collagen growth and exfoliation. Vitamins A, C and E soothe, balance and firm skin.

All treatments and products are available at Splash Spa at The Sports Club/LA You can build up getting toned legs as well as working on your skin there.

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