November 26, 2022

We have always heard, and I have written a few times about the difference between good and bad carbs. I have just run across an article on “Thats Fit” website by Liz Neporent on the difference between good and bad carbs. Here is an excerpt from the article

good and bad carbs
good and bad carbs

Good carbs are good for you because they tend to be broken down more slowly by the body. Whole grains, for instance, include the three parts of the grain: Bran, sperm and endosperm.

The body needs more time to process them so they enter your blood stream in a steadier, more controlled way which keeps your blood sugar and energy level more consistent.

They’re high in fiber too, so they’re more filling and help push things along the digestive tract. They also tend to be relatively low in calories and fat while high in vitamins and minerals.

Studies show a diet that contains lots of good carbs can offer some protection against cancer and other “lifestyle” diseases.

Bad carbs typically deliver a megadose of calories without adding much in the way of nutrition to your diet. They tend to come in large portion sizes and, though they may taste good, typically aren’t very filling or satisfying.

You usually wind up eating way more than you intended because your brain takes a moment to realize what’s happening down in the old stomach.

Bottom line: Studies have linked diets that contain an excess of bad carbs to obesity, heart disease and a whole array of other major health headaches.

Good and bad carbs are something you should be clear about and hopefully this will have helped you out

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  1. Interested in more info on what you recommend for a diet not necessarily for loss, but to maintain wait and firm up.

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