October 3, 2023

Those big blue exercise balls for fitness and other workout balls are still around although not  everywhere these days. I have seen a few in my office and of course almost everyone working in a gym is using one as their primary chair when talking to other people on the gym floor 🙂 . These balls have been around for a few years but I have to think that many people are only using them as a chair and not as a piece of fitness equipment.

Exercise Balls for Fitness

I thought just in case someone reading this post is thinking of what they could do to use their workout ball better that I can point people in some kind of healthy direction.

Exercise Balls for Fitness
Exercise Balls for Fitness
  • Exercises on the ball – Has nine great exercises with pictures that will help you get a full body workout on the fitness ball
  • Bally Fitness has another nine exercises with a picture of the beginning and of the end of each fitness ball based exercise
  • And my personal favorite. The Mayo Clinic has a nice slide show with exercises for the fitness ball that also shows muscles used and a little write up of what the exercise does. 11 slides of fitness ball exercises in total.

Just in case you are wondering if these workout balls are just for fun or are actually functional, all you need to do is sit on one for an hour or so and you will see exactly how great it is for your core (abs, obliques, lower back).

We had one of these workout balls until a couple of years ago. Exactly like the one that you see here and it was great but it got a hole in it (not fixable) and we never got another one. We are planning to get another soon. and then it will be my primary chair in front of my home computer. Using exercise balls for fitness is a great plan for anyone in any family

11 thoughts on “Exercise Balls for Fitness

  1. I like your website, Also knowing your Ab Exer workouts, will help you know the right amount exercise to perform. The Crunches and Sit ups are the popular ab exercise. They give the abs a good workout and they do not put any strain on the back.

  2. Fitness balls are great for back muscle strengthening too (muscle balance therapy). – They can help cure many different types of back pain.

  3. yea i love using my fitness ball, it is just so simple but works like an absolute dream for toning up those wobbly bits.

  4. I had been using fitness ball for 2 years now – since I started my lose diet. It has helped me keep my from going up. However, I needed more than just keep my steady. Luckily, I was able to find Schell abnehmen tips. I was able to lose 20 lbs in a span of 6 months. I still kept the fitness ball along side, besides it is a fun way to do exercises. It was very difficult for me to get this figure I got now, so I prefer to keep working hard to refrain my tummy from bulging again.

    I believe that aside from having body beautiful figure, it is also crucial that I keep my body strong by doing exercises, such as fitness ball exercises.

  5. I love these fitness balls! I actually use a smaller one under my back for doing crunches and to help me keep form when working my glutes. Both styles are fantastic for your core!

  6. The balls are a great tool for loss and keeping in shape. I find them to be a lot of fun too.

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